EA: "Biggest And Best E3 Ever"

Looking forward to E3 2010? So are we. Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has billed this year's expo as the 'Biggest and Best Ever'.

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InfectedDK2875d ago

Looking forward to GT5 and all the rest from the Sony press conference :)

LordMarius2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Yep, and I like how Sony is already revealing games, such as LBP 2 and GoW: Ghost of Sparta, they have too much stuff to show to keep it in that E3 basket.

The_Count2874d ago

SONY's lineup looks amzing. From EA I personally want some info on the medal of Honor beta.

Parapraxis2874d ago

Dead Space 2 is what i'm really looking forward to from EA.

Shadow Flare2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

i can't wait to see LBP2's unveiling. Some new footage of The Last Guardian and a final rock-set release date for GT5 (with a cool new trailer)would alone make it an incredible E3 for me. But i know sony will bring us a lot more.

Am also looking forward to some Move stuff, interested in finally seeing something new for natal and i really REALLY hope Criterion finally crawl out their hole and show us the new Need For Speed. Really looking forward to E3

oh and geez STARHAWK, damn how could i forget that. REALLY looking forward to seeing Starhawk

Nicholas Cage2874d ago

the guys who make grand theft auto

2874d ago
zeeshan2874d ago

I hope they show something from AGENT. I remember last year, Jaffe kept saying that next year (2010) he'll be busy around E3 and will show something regarding his new game. It seems he miscalculated :(

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Sevir042874d ago

GOW:Ghost of Sparda!!!! yes. i cant wait.

DeforMAKulizer2874d ago

I wish i could go =( But tickets are hard to get...
Im dying to see this year's E3... Its looks to be quite the awesomest on all possible aspects!!!
Im wishing on a star as we speak :P

SKCShifty2874d ago

Can't wait for Microsoft's 2 press conferences.

Lucreto2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

It is just one conference and a Natal showing where no cameras are allowed. It looks like a heads up for the conference.

colonel1792874d ago

If what you say is true, then it is a shame that MS is not showing Natal to the masses. I really hope that their conference they demonstrate some actual games and not just show videos of natal.

Lucreto2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I think the conference will be dominated by Natal as MS have not shown its full capabilities yet. Look at all the 360 games that were announced over the last month they will show some of them but Natal will have far more air time.

The Natal showing is a media event on the Sunday before E3 and the conference is the nexted day.

Parapraxis2874d ago

I can't believe people still think they are having 2 pressers, they aren't.
They are having 1 press conference and 1 Natal "experience" event.

LordMarius2874d ago

dont ruin it for them, lol

lowcarb2874d ago

So what people were confused! It's still going to be a big showing from MS and that's all that matters. People pretending E3 will be all about there console of choice will be in for a surprise.

Parapraxis2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Hmm lowcarb..what to do with you.
"People pretending E3 will be all about there console of choice will be in for a surprise"

I think it'll be about EVERYBODY'S console of choice, like last year I expect most companies will make a good showing. The lineups for all of the big 3 are already quite solid.

I wasn't knocking MS, I was simply surprised to see people still are confused.

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