PS3 Owners Shouldn't Dismiss Multiplatform Games

PSXetreme: Look, one can easily make the argument that four or five of the best games of the generation thus far are all PlayStation 3 exclusives; candidates would include Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, God of War III, LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, and Demon's Souls. And while I understand that we all have budgets and time constraints, which could indeed translate to only playing the best of the best (i.e., exclusives), too many PlayStation 3 owners have started to dismiss multiplatform titles. This is a combination of the aforementioned exclusives and the remnants of a time when there were many inferior ports on the PS3. But as for the latter, times have - for the most part - changed. Developers are more often using the PS3 as the lead development platform and these days, most projects are developed simultaneously on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which results in two nearly identical versions.

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unrealgamer582870d ago

Yeah we should.

You see we have these things called genuine exclusives, so we can be uppity.

BeaArthur2870d ago

Have fun missing out on great games.

TheTwelve2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I don't miss out on the great multi-plats, it's the mediocre onces that I avoid, while I still buy the "mediocre" PS3 exclusives.



As an owner of both systems I avoid both the mediocre multi plats and mediocre exclusives... and I have avoided more ps3 exclusives then I have 360.

having said the most of my favorite games this gen have been multiplats.

as far as I can see, I think Red Dead is going to be my game of the year... another multiplat.

mikeslemonade2870d ago

Multiplatform is shovelware no matter how you spin it. There are very few multiplatform games that have a quality like an exclusive PS3 game.

* Grand Theft Auto IV great
* Assassin's Creed II average (rental)
* Final Fantasy XIII haven't tried it
* Bioshock 2 pass; the 1st bioshock was innovative
* Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 great
* Batman: Arkham Asylum overated
* Fallout 3 overated
* Street Fighter IV rental
* Dragon Age: Origins graphics are garbage
* Battlefield: Bad Company 2 great but it's another FPS...
* Dead Space good
* Guitar Hero 5 nope
* Rock Band 2 good
* Borderlands good
* Red Faction: Guerrilla alright
Mainly rentals for all these games.

BeaArthur2870d ago do of course realize that your opinion is not fact. A lot of those games you listed are very good and just because you think that the PS3 exclusives are the Holy Grail of gaming, that does not make it so. There are plenty of PS3 and 360 exclusives that are crap as well. Good developers make good games, doesn't matter whether they are single or mutliplat.

CraigC-Lfc2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Just your opinion, but seriously GTA IV and MW2 you say are both great games then you say games like Batman AA and fallout 3 are overated. I think they should be the other way around lol. But personaly I have just as many multiplats as i do exclusives. To say all multiplatform games are shovelware is just plain stupid.
BeaArthur well said + bubble :)

NegativeCreepWA2870d ago

Remind me to never take mikeslemonades advice when it comes to games.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2870d ago

Multis are shovelware? Wow, this is a whole new level of fanboyism. Some of the best games this gen are multiplat. Bioshock, CoD4, Mirrors Edge, BFBC2... the list goes on (sports games etc as I've only named FPS in my list.) The only games I'm excited about that have been announced for this year are all multiplat (Red Dead, MoH, Crysis 2.) My favourite genre is FPS and exclusives like Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 aren't as good, IMO, as games like Bioshock, Cod4 and BFBC2

The way i see it is: I own a console because of the multiplats, but I own a PS3 because of its exclusives.

karl2870d ago

we should give more support to third party developers
ive only bought

Assassins creed 2 and Final fantasy Xlll

and the only exclusive ps3 game that i dont have is ratchet and clank ...

and im only planing on buying death space 2

AKS2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

No doubt. It's incredibly foolish to pass on great games due to console snobbery. I have a PC that would eat any console alive technically, but I still buy lots of multiplatform games. I bought Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PS3 to play with PSN friends. I have Mirror's Edge on both the PS3 and PC (nice Steam special). I'm certainly getting Red Dead Redemption. My favorite game this generation has been Demon's Souls, but it's not a game that's so advanced technically that it couldn't have also been done on the 360. If that was a multiplatform game, you wouldn't get it? If so, that's just insanity.

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Brewski0072870d ago

I dont agree, for me personaly i wouldnt have games like Bad company 2 or Just Cause 2, or GTAIV, or COD, or ...well you get the picture, in my library. I mean don't get me wrong so much great games like god of war 3 and Uncharted 1&2 have come out and i own them too, but its just being narrow minded to completely rule multi-plat titles out.

ian722870d ago

I agree with you Brewski007. Just Cause 2, BFBC 2 etc are great games and shouldn't be missed if you're into those type of games, multi-plat or not.

Rainstorm812870d ago

I know people that only play PS3 Exclusives MOSTLY, where i play most games.

PS3 Owners Shouldn't Dismiss Multiplatform Games & 360 owners shoulnt embrace them as exclusives either.

I also know people that still argue that the ps3 doesnt have games yet thier favorite games this gen are Elder scrolls, Fallout 3 , and Demon Souls & Mass Effect 2.......WTF?

chrisnick2870d ago

I don't think we dismiss them, but if the quality of our exclusives are far beyond anything a multiplat dev can do due to certain limitations posed by other consoles, then you either make the ps3 lead platform and take out content and put it on other systems or you deal with the fact that you'd care more about selling *this number of copies" instead of putting out a quality title. First party SONY companies don't have this restraint, thus, far better games.

WildArmed2870d ago

Yeah. I dont dismiss any multiplats, its just that I rather buy exclusives for my ps3 (or 360) than multiplat when i'm pressed for money.

The last MP game i bought was bad company 2.. and before that was.. CoD4?
or something like that. I can't recall a MP game I've bought before BC2.

bjornbear2870d ago

some of the best games this gen have been multi-plat =)

i loved oblivion, GTAIV, Resident Evil 5 and BF:BC2, so Multi-plats are great! =D now red dead redemption is coming ^^

however, i also have to agree, PS3 owners are spoilt.

there's a CLEAR gap in graphics quality and over all polish between the exclusives and multi-plats I own, but they are equally as fun =)

HolyOrangeCows2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

If they screw us on a multiplatform and release a crappy, next-to unplayable port, THEN they should be dismissed. I refuse to support those developers. I buy whatever the good version is used if I want to play it.

Otherwise, there's no reason to "dismiss" a multiplatform title if it's good.

EDIT: Literally half of my Ps3 library is multiplatform.

FlipMode2870d ago

Just because PS3 has great exclusives doesn't mean I look down on multiplats, getting RDR day one.

ITSMY12thACCOUNT2870d ago

to be honest a game is a game if its a good one than i think that people should play it. but i hate when devs do a half arsed 'oh it will do' job. i mean whats the point.

ABizzel12870d ago

Honestly there's no need for me to buy multiplats for my PS3 except fighting games, for the simple fact that PS3 exclusives are among the best games of any genre their in.

The Multiplaform games that I do like I usually pick up for my 360 simply because the 360 exclusives are as appealing to my taste. Don't get me wrong I love Left 4 Dead, Gears, and Forza, but they can only keep my interest for so long.

So As a multi console owner, I feel that PS3 gamers who only play exclusives can do that since they have such a great and expansive array of games.

360 only gamers not so much.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2870d ago

I disagree. I think PS3 exclusive FPS aren't as good as multi.

CoD4 + BFBC2 > KZ2 + Resistance 2

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2870d ago

I think Multiplat FPS are better than PS3 exclusives.

-Alpha2870d ago

Wow Mike's logic is: Let's list a bunch of multiplat titles, generalize all of them to be inferior, and then throw out vague reasons to justify my list.

Your list is opinion. MW2= Great? What??

tmt3452870d ago

almost every big budget PC game since 2007/2008 on max settings can run circles around the ps3 and 360 in graphics... even the mulitplats. its called running on hardware from 2006.

*watches people post low resolution 720p shots of crysis that look like sh/t*

CimmerianDrake2870d ago

Make me wish there was a "PC Troll" option in the report section. God I wish you'd all go away.

tmt3452870d ago

look at all the ps3 and 360 fanboys here

El Botto2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )


No need to miss out of multi platforms WHEN they are good games. But unfortunately 6 out of 9 multi platform games are incredibly subpar or even below average.

I see no reason to scoop down to xbot-level in such cases and buy subpar games.

mikeslemonade2870d ago


MW2 and GTA4 are overated games by the millions of casual gamers that play them, but as their own game it is a very solid experience. MW2 has a pretty good single player and then the multiplayer is still really good even though they didn't change much from MW1. GTA4, even though it's not a real next gen GTA it still by itself is a great experience.

Fallout 3 however the graphics were terrible. Yes even worst than GTA4. The setting of the game was boring. Most of the time you spent underground. The one highlight of the game was just the soundtrack. Now Batman is just overated if you think GTA4 is overated how can you not think batman is. It got game of the year nominees when in reality it shouldn't even gotten close to that.

The Wood2870d ago

gave me a renewed faith in multiplatform games AND the unreal engine.

great game from out of nowhere......I do understand the point the article is making but many ps3 owners have been spoiled with quality and variety but exclusives alone wouldn't be enough for gamerholics. I needed burnout P, streetfighter, gta cod 4 etc.

himdeel2870d ago

...the only multiplat games I've purchased new were GTA4 and AC2 and I sold both games after exploring them as much as reasonably possible. That being said I've snagged more than my fair share of USED multiplat games or just borrowed them from friends after they've gotten their fill of them. So I don't miss out of the good games, however I just don't experience them when most folks do around their release date.

I buy exclusive PS3 games most of the time and catch other exclusive titles used. I just don't have the resources or time to buy all the games I want nowadays which is a good thing. There's always something to play but I don't get to support new multiplat games as often at retail.

2870d ago
SixTwoTwo2870d ago

Anyone who doesn't play multiplatform games is missing out. I didn't buy a PS3 just to play a small portion of its library. If a game is fun I'll buy it I don't care who made it.

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Nicholas Cage2870d ago

but there are exceptions like red dead.

Mr Tretton2870d ago

Certainly looking forward to Red Dead

Godmars2902870d ago

That's why most PS3 owners ignore multiplatform games: 2nd class treatment regardless of weather MS is paying for exclusivity. Making poor ports.

LinuxGuru2870d ago

I don't, that's for sure.

One would miss out on so many good games if you only played exclusive titles.

Bnet3432870d ago

Yeah agreed, why would any gamer dismiss on multiplatform games? You would be missing out on games like Assasin's Creed or BioShock, etc.