Halo 3 vs Killzone 2

Guerilla Game's KILLZONE 2 vs. Bungie Game's HALO 3. 2 big upcoming FPS titles.

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Bill Gates4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

No CONTEST!!!....hahahhahhahaHAHH AHAHHA

KZ scrubs the toilette with Hollow 3....HAHAHHHA

PSTripleOG4024d ago

Halo 3 is a kids game!!!!!! Killzone 2 could be the most amazing shooter ever......

xbots = O W N E D.

TheMART-sucksdick4024d ago

Been a huge fan of halo, in my opinion it is for a younger crowd, i will buy halo 3 just to see what the fuss is all about (i will play online)... But killzone 2 is a much more serious shooter, young and older gamers will play killzone. BUT however when it comes to graphics killzone 2 is the best console game i have seen, Halo has never been about graphics, its more about pure fun gameplay... Why should they change that?

Keyser4024d ago

I knew these types of posts were coming. This is not the last KZ2 vs H3 you will see.

Good times.

rubarb234024d ago

Like i've said before blowzone 2 has better graphics than halo 3. Can't debate that it just does.
but remember this a$$whipe, halo is a proven franchise. killzone......still trying to prove it's a decent game. look at the first killzone - sh!t, just read the reviews. halo, i think none of them has rec'd a score less than a 9/10. you idiots get all WHAT? the graphics? well FYI there's more to a game than that cum gobblers. So while you enjoy your wannabe killer app fluff video, the rest of world will be playing a real killer app in halo 3.

The General4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

This will not be the Last Killzone 2 vs. Halo comaprison. Just wait until the final version of Halo 3 is Released and how much laughs you get from watching the comparisons between Pre-pre alpha Killzone 2 and the Final Halo 3.

I already started on the article.

And how in the World will halo 3 receive the same high scores when Gears of War has already raised the bar higher? Forget Halo 3 vs. Killzone 2 Comparisons. It should be Halo 3 vs. Gears of War.

Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 are exclusive? Amazing. Must be the Hardware.

Itachi4024d ago

killzone very impresive download it on the psn and wow on my LG 42" HDTV

Lyberator4024d ago

Cod4 looks better than both IMO.

pLaystation4024d ago

IMO Killzone2 and COD4 seem to be on par, but then again killzone is pre prealpha, so u know killzone2 is going to end up looking wayy better.

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Zhoutai4024d ago

Sorry the pic was supposed to say WAR but it cut it off =(

sticky doja4024d ago

How does your comment get 2 disagrees? This site baffles me sometimes.

EDF 20174024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Halo 3 looks better, PS3 fanboys got excited for no reason. Halo 3 has better lighting, better textures, better environments, and higher poly models, real time self shadowwing and lighting.

Chris_GTR14024d ago

your seriously the biggest ms fanboy ever.

Kratosnake4024d ago

killzone bad, halo 3 is bett.. bet..... bett... better ...

system error... system error... rebooting.


kidding guys, dont take my bubbles away

obviously killzone 2 looks better, but the styles are different, so i don't know. If you compare it to gears, it makes more sense. like the PC version.

popup4024d ago

The end result may look good with Halo but that was a really crap trailer Bungie. I cringed.

Also talking about finer points like the textures on a 320x240 block of squares is just silly.

2 very different games. Who cares which one is best, Halo will sell big time and Killzone will sell PS3's - hooray.

i Shank u4024d ago

the first thing i thought after seeing that trailer the other day; this trailer sucked. it all quick snippets that dont give as good a look at the game as killzones gameplay sequence does. halo trailer blew balls, grphx for both games look great when we see 2 gameplay movies next to each other, that will be better to judge on

DiLeCtioN4024d ago

lol naaa hes not here. trust me this is nothing compared to dmart

InMyOpinion4024d ago

Wait with the comparisons until both games are out. No one can be sure what any of the games will look or play like, no matter how much you want to be.

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FordGTGuy4024d ago

Killzone 2 doesn't even release till 2008 and after Halo 3 the series is over in 2007. BTW we have yet to see a clear HD video of what Halo 3 looks like. Podcasts like 1up have already confirmed that Halo 3 demo at E3 looks way better then the video shown in the press conference.

Marriot VP4024d ago


Pretty much everyone who played the demo says it looks better than the trailer.

Captain Tuttle4024d ago

For dipping your toes into this nonsense.

Azures4024d ago

1up were also the people who took part in the following dialogue with COD4 developers:

1up: Come on, hows the PS3 version look.
Dev: Fine.
1up: in 30fps?
Dev: Umm anything less than 60fps is unacceptable.
1up: No fps problems? well how did you do it?
Developer: ...We...programed it.

They also claimed Gears still looked better than the gameplay demo of Killzone 2 at E3, c'mon now...lets not just say ridiculous things.

Truly a reliable and unbiased site.

Premonition4024d ago

How many times ive heard that line, before. At the end of the day Halo 3 graphics wont stand up to what Killzone 2 is pushing and only at pre alpha, so you can say well you know what Bungie probably has like 50 more layers to put on by the time it releases, you can say all the things you want to make you think halo 3 will some how look as good as Killzone 2 when its released. Sure they both release at different times but look at it this way. Halo 3 is 3rd gen game vs Killzone 2 a 2nd gen game. This is the 3rd halo, you would think the graphics would be leaps and bounds better, inorder to justify why fans go so crazy for this game.

"Podcasts like 1up have already confirmed that Halo 3 demo at E3 looks way better then the video shown in the press conference." whatever makes you feel better.

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Lord Anubis4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

killzone 2 looks better.

the difference its that Killzone 2 is pre-pre Alpha.

and Halo 3 is beta.

unless you are the game manager from Guerilla working on Killzone 2 I think I will believe Seb.

FordGTGuy4024d ago

Pre-Pre Alpha I thought we've already gone over this.

Shadow Flare4024d ago

Its the one before 'Pre-alpha'

i Shank u4024d ago

is my precum's cum.


alright serious, how is an over 2 year old game that will be out in a year in pre-pre alpha? im not hating on killzone, just wonder how the f$*k that's possible, cause id expect pre-pre alpha to look like shadow puppets, not this good.

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