Interview: MLB 2K10 $1-million winner, Wade McGilberry

Wade shares his thought about playing Sony's MLB 10: The Show, reaction to winning this high-profile prize, and his plans for the prize money.

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CrAppleton2816d ago

Lucky bastard! I can't believe he pitched a perfect game!

MattyF2816d ago

Especially in the first day only after a few games. Not being able to do it again really shows this contest was something that only a luck gamer would end up winning. Congrats to him.

Leupac2816d ago

That is one seriously lucky guy.

Queasy2816d ago

that he won this using Kenshin Kawakami. Easily the worst pitcher on the Braves staff whose done nothing but gotten smoked this season.

Mo0eY2816d ago

I read that this guy did it on the fifth game, and that he pitched very slowly and in the corner for ground balls almost all the time. Congrats to this guy - I hope you spend your money well (on several video games) .

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