Heavy Rain and Photorealism

Heavy Rain is one of the PS3’s more visually appealing games. But the game does feature some distractions that hinder the experience.

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- Ghost of Sparta -2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

When all else fails, grasp at straws. Never mind the fact that they're seriously complaining about a bed in a video game that won't sink though, they also blurred AND compressed the photo themselves to make it look worse. Desperate times.

Sunny_D2942d ago

This is definately stupid as hell of an article.

Reibooi2942d ago

Heavy Rain is a beautiful game however it isn't anywhere near being Photoreal.

The main problem is the animation. Alot of the characters just have movements and face expressions that lapse into gamey looking territory. The game is capable of looking incredible. However it doesn't always live up to that. A good example is the load screens versus the game itself. Those close up load screens of the characters faces look incredible. However when actually playing the game they don't seem to look as good.

Photorealism means that you literally cannot tell something isn't real. That isn't the case with Heavy Rain. Someone can easily see it's a game. A very pretty game yes but a game nonetheless.

reaferfore202942d ago

If you want photo realism play GT5 when it comes out :)

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Nicholas Cage2942d ago

heavy rain is so compelling and atmospheric and the manner of the article targeting petty issues is ludacris.

RedDevils2942d ago

I wonder why people even brought up an article about a game that have been released for severals months already :P

sikbeta2942d ago

"The bed doesn't sink"

This is Unbelievable


inveni02942d ago

All this means to me is that Heavy Rain looks soooo much better than the average game that these types of things stand out. In other words, having these incredible graphics might--arguably--do more harm than good. Let me explain:

No one complains about beds not sinking in on God of War 3, right? Even though the game is amazing, the graphics aren't attempting to look real-to-life. In heavy rain, they are, so imperfections are just that much more obvious.

Bottom line is that there is not a game in the world that has accomplished all of what Heavy Rain has accomplished. And that makes it a pretty sweet game, stiff animations or not.

Redempteur2942d ago

argh the water and rain effects are perfect and the game is fully motion captured but but ..the bed doesn't sink !!

Seriously ???

waterboy2942d ago

its looking like cg though this isnt something that can be seen as a game

Ravage272942d ago

Heavy Rain looks absolutely braethtaking and does approach photorealism at certain parts. The level of detail in the convenience store for instance, and the stunning water and rain effect. I actually spent time running around in the rain to oggle at the graphics.

I've only noticed the stiffness of the clothing out of the entire list and it definitely didn't take away anything from the amazing experience.

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IrishAssa2942d ago

Some parts are real looking, when your in the nightclub the bouncer looks literally real.

lokiroo4202942d ago

Dumbest article in a loooooooooooong time.

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