Kojima Thinks Assassin's Creed is Fantastic

An interview with Jade Raymond about her E3 experience on showing off the Assassin's Creed demo.

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pshizle4025d ago

didnt i tell you guys that JADE RIDES LIKE A HORSE

Crazyglues4025d ago

I mean after the Internet went crazy about the game play and how it seem weak and the bugs and stuff, I had to really think about if I was going to still get the game.

Yes Ubisoft games do have a lot of bugs like Rainbow Six vegas which I play all the time, and that's my point I still play it all the time.

So I think I will get this game regardless just because with all the work that has gone into the game, I can't see it being that bad.

Sure they will be stuff that you don't like but I'm pretty sure the game will be an overall good enough experience that people will end up liking the game.

So it's back on my game to get list.

Bebedora4025d ago

I think the title screams of damage control.

Can't AC stand on it's own after a crapy/choppy demo with bodies landing in mid-air? No, we now have to get a confirmation how it's not bad.

Now, further I am not saying anything about the final game, just the spot reaction how they see peoples reaction to it and how they have to recover the respect again. Kojima.

Greysturm4025d ago

This igame is gonna be awesome beyond anything except MGS$ ;)

MK_Red4025d ago

Kojima has an extremely good taste (Look at his games) and everything about Assassin's Creed is super hot.

He is a legendry developer and if he likes the game, it must be indeed great. Kudos to Jade and all the Assassins team. Cant wait to play the game.

Bloodmask4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

I have to say that I am very excited for Assassins Creed. Good graphics and a very interesting story.

People have been too hard on thisa game lately. It brings some innovation to the table.

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The story is too old to be commented.