Top 4 things to fix in the Halo: Reach beta

Playing the beta has been like slipping on an old pair of slippers and finding that they aren’t just comfortable anymore but have been upgraded for extra comfort and had rollerblades added to the bottom for an extra thrill. However, this is a Beta and there are some things that could be fixed and/or tweaked. Let's take a look at the top four and some honorable mentions.

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Faztkiller2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I think they need to do away with loadouts and go back to equipment pickups IMO right now it plays nothing like halo and I hate the new guns

mittwaffen2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

People really exploit The Guard Class; it really ruins the fun some games you'll see this in Ranked games where all people want to do is win.

4 people in a room, you'll get one down and he'll pop Guard, his teammate will follow suit intill you can down the last guy or the guy that ran away while you were pushed back. Its really flawed design, im sure they'll change it. MLG people are freaking over this stuff.

edgeofblade2843d ago

Guard... I mean seriously... if you can't figure out when the Armor Lock wears off and time a grenade to go off a split second later... how hard is that really? Armor Lock rewards teamwork. It's a game changer, and the leet, MntDew-chugging kiddies can't stand actually thinking.

And as for the MLG nut cases, let them freak-out. They are all a bunch of douchebags anyway who wasted their college fund.

mittwaffen2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Sorry man; Tons of people side with me on this; Tons dont is completely subjective, doesn't mean you need to stormtrooper your opinion on everyone.

Try to hunt down some of the ridiculous replays with people using it (the nasty exploited replays, there their somewhere). Armor Lock is flawed; it destroys the game play of halo and flow of the action. We loved H1,2,3 and alot of people arnt too sure of Halo Reach because of crap like this. There was a reason Bungie didn't change the perfectly working formula from HALO 1>2>3 but they did some big changes and you think they'll have it perfected in the beta? No; this will be changed in the final release from what I'm skimming on the Bungie forums.

Talking shizz left and right...and ripping on the competitive community (Gaming wouldn't be as big today without them douchebags or not).

You need to chill brah; Or I'ma go Nicholson on your ass like in the shining ;)<3!

-Alpha2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Armor Lock is fine the way it is. maybe in needs a slight tweak-- I heard you can regenerate while using it which is unfair-- but you have to be smart in using it. First of all doing it leads to making you a huge target. Enemies see you and surround you, grenades get chucked at you, and you leave your back open for assassinations easily. The abilities are quite balanced, though invisibility is underpowered.

I would also like to see grenade loadouts limited to one per person or the damage explosion reduced.

Regarding voting, it is intended to be defaulted to the first choice but I'd like votes not be submitted to a default choice either.

My biggest problem is quitters. The #1 reason seems to be because they play a mode they don't want. Bungie should allow players to quit before the game starts if players don't like a mode or at least find a way to punish and level the playing field when somebody quits.

I find the game quite fun. If it was too similar to Halo 3 people would complain it's not doing anything different yet now that the gameplay has changed to a different formula it's "Not Halo". I like the change. If I want Halo 3 I'll continue playing that too. IMO both are distinguishable to the point where both offer different styles of play that I enjoy.

I love the amount of whining I'm seeing from Halo 3 Level 50 players who are complaining about the lack of the BR. Those guys are enraged that their old tactics wont work in Reach.

Oh by the way, Bungie is taking in all the beta feedback. They have a forum dedicated to it and are giving tips on how to give proper feedback. They are really interested in making this game balanced and are quite adamant on listening to the community. Props to them, I respect that.

SixZeroFour2843d ago

the way they have it now with matchmaking and voting is pretty good (especially if you have a full party, you have atleast half the voting power) but they should still have the pre-option of whether you want to be playing in a set of slayer options or objective options

for slayer you can vote for (on any map): team slayer, team swat, team mlg

for objective you can vote for (on any map): 1 flag, ctf, oddball, KotH, 3 plots

this way, if you only like going for kills, you only have to choose from slayer types, and if you want to go for team objective, you can do so as well without having to worry about going into a slayer gametype

one of my many gripes are the ppl that just camp for kills during a 1 flag match, and im talking about them going for kills when they are the capturing team

StanLee2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Fix the Assault rifle. That's it. It's garbage compared to everything else.

SixZeroFour2843d ago

agreed...on average, it takes a full clip to take down one person, and leaves you so vunerable when the next enemy comes around the corner and you are left reloading

at least make it only take half a clip, that way, you can atleast possibly take down 2 guys, and not always have it be a kill for a death

BX812843d ago

I agree shooting a jetpack person can be a pain in the A$$!

dtalon32843d ago

are you guys hammering down on the trigger or burst pulling? if you burst and actually make your shots accurate you wont waste a full clip.

BeaArthur2843d ago

CrAppleton...Armor Lock is easy to beat if you know what you are doing. Once they lock down just wait for it to run out and as it's ending chuck a grenade at their foot.

1.) I would fix the needle rifle, that gun is damn near useless. Same goes for the needler.
2.) Grenades need to be nerfed just a little bit.
3.) The melee system needs to be altered. If you get the jump on someone and start shooting them they can just run over and melee you and you are back on equal ground.
4.) Voting does need to change, make everyone actually have to choose instead of a default game mode. If no one votes one of the options gets randomly selected.

AliTheBrit192843d ago

haha yeah you what I've seen?

on a deathmatch style game mode, 2 people stop, not kill each other and wait for the guard to stop having his shield up so they could kill him haha

blue7xx72842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

I don't see what is wrong with guard. I don't use it it's practically useless since when you use it usually the person just has to wait and either throws a grenade at you or melee you. It's pretty useless. But I don't see what is wrong with that class all it does is just prolongs your impending death.

Anyways I do agree with the article about just 2 points the assault rifle and the grenades. Mostly the grenades.

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4Sh0w2843d ago

The targeting reticule needs a to be better, I don't even feel like I'm really aimed in on my opponent at medium to close range, its more like I'm just "spraying and praying". Also the Assault Rifle feels massively UNDERpowered, why in the hell does it take what seems like a whole clip to kill an opponent.

Breakfast2843d ago

Seems like they nerfed it to force people to pick up other guns (halo 2 style). Imo if they power up the needler rifle a bit, or put more DMRs on the map, everything works out great. Every gun has its purpose in this game.

It probably also feels underpowered because the melee system has been changed. No more punching guys with half shield to kill have to take off those shields before the melee works.

SixZeroFour2843d ago

thats what i feel as well, or else it would be like halo 2 and the br as a default loadout, but i would still like it to only take half the clip to kill someone, so you can fend for yourself (if youre skilled) when the second opponent comes by...there have been way too many times when i get double teamed and can only take out one guy because my clip ran out

i have no problem with taking out multiple targets with the dmr and needle rifle, which is why i try to go for those weapons whenever i spawn, but thats the second problem, it either takes too long to respawn, or there arent exactly enough laid out on the map

sgw_dec0y2843d ago

I just wish they would get rid of the ghost reticle. I agree on The Guard class though. Seems it will be more of the kiddie class. The weapons are ok but I can see why a lot of people do not like them. It doesnt play like the others in the series but I like new. Plus halo has been getting stale for a bit now. Spicing things up are always good.

Bnet3432843d ago

Hey guys, these things should be addressed at the Bungie forums so they know what to fix.

jdktech20102843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I'm sorry you feel that way about the guard class.....there's nothing better than seeing a guy with a hammer coming at you, guard, emp, one shot to head with pistol and walking away with his hammer. Try it and tell me I'm wrong.

The AR could use some work....more bullets or a bit more damage but at the same time, it adds a bit of strategy to it in the fact of how you attack them. AR to take down shields and pistol to kill?

I will say that the weakest class imo is the stalker, followed by Guard, then Sprint and then Jetpack (too much freaking fun). By the way, if people are guard turtling, for lack of a better term, just have your team throw grenades until you kill them....seems simple in theory. I've never encountered this guard turtling in the 12 or so arena games I've played but it seems like that's a good idea to me. Or maybe shoot them with long range weapons such as the DMR, magnum, snipers.....guard does nothing from long range.

As for the reticule, it actually takes skill now to kill people with things like the DMR and magnum. It makes it more realistic. I haven't really noticed a problem seeing the reticule but I'm not everyone

People say they want change but when it comes down to it, they just cry for the same thing. It baffles me

edgeofblade2843d ago

Oh it's easy. People do not know what they want. The more they insist they do, the more they have no f-ing clue.

It's as simple as that.

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