New Vegas expected to outsell Fallout 3

TVGB: "The Obsidian-developed Fallout: New Vegas will outsell its hugely popular predecessor, Bethesda expects. The response from retailers and gamers alike has led the publisher to believe that the new game, currently slated for a fourth quarter release, will “do even better” than 2008’s Fallout 3."

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LinuxGuru2908d ago

I just watched the Book of Eli the other day, and WOW was it good. Holy cow.

Anyways, it really made me want to play Fallout 3 And these expansions are looking more and more compelling to try out. Hmm.

GiantEnemyCrab2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

I would recommend the Brotherhood of Steel if you want to try the DLC. They were all good but that was my favorite. I have so many hour's into Fallout 3 and is still fun to pick and play every now and again.

I wouldn't be surprised with the new folks FL3 brought in to see New Vegas sell even more.

EDIT: FVK lose a bubble and get a disagree for recommending one of the DLC's and saying I enjoyed the game.. Wow..

LinuxGuru2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

+ bubble and agree to help your situation there lol

Captain Tuttle2908d ago

I'll give you my first bubble on the new site Crabby

Dizko2908d ago

An interesting tid-bit, that movie was written by Gary Whitta, former Editor in Chief of PC Gamer Magazine. Perhaps he was influenced by the Fallout setting when he wrote the movie.

Just a thought =)

captain-obvious2908d ago

i'll wait for this come with all the DLC's in one bluray just like Fallout3:GOTYE

ASSASSYN 36o2908d ago

Probably because the writer of Book of Eli worked in the games industry.


execution172908d ago

i'd recommend brotherhood of steel, mothership zeta is just a complete waste of time, only thing good about that one is the alien blaster ammo other then that it's pretty boring

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BigPappaPump2908d ago

I know I'll be a customer when New Vegas drop.

Gunner_Ali2908d ago

book of eli was a good film but on topic we'll wait an see

Hellsvacancy2908d ago

Yeah, Book Of Eli was ACE, lookin 4 ward 2 the Blu-Ray release next month

MetalGearBear 2908d ago

hell yeah!!!
hope new vega's story is longer than F3..

Hellsvacancy2908d ago

My only worry is the whole DLC thing, i REALLY hope theres none of this "exclusive" dlc deals wid MS and Bethesda like Fallout 3

I f-in HATED not knowin if/when the dlc would arrive on the PS3

Thats my only worry

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The story is too old to be commented.