PS3 "Home" To Allow for Importing 3D Models from PC

After Sony's E3 press conference, Ricardo Torres of Gamespot interviews Phil, and asks him about the openess of the PS3 with Unreal tournament 3, and the possibility to import 3D models via your PC and other content etc.

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MK_Red3996d ago

Holy moly that would be incredible. If we're allowed to make things in 3D programs (3DSMAx), Home may beomce the ultimate virtual world, but with all the user created content from images to items, the offensive and adult content may hurt the Home I fear.

THC CELL3996d ago

that is nice cause i wanted the scarface the world is yours globe

Boon Tarkas3996d ago

Exciting news, exciting news.

Now, I'm off to play in my virtual 3D world. It's called GOW, maybe you've heard of it.

Azures3996d ago

gears or god of war? lol.

BigPimpin3996d ago

Does anyone know when they are releasing "Home"?

ngoniko3996d ago

october is when they're releasing it

gaffyh3996d ago

i really hope they allow for this, coz i use 3DS Max a lot, and would love to be able to put a properly unique factor to my "Apartment"

Sssamba3996d ago

I'm with ya on that one. As a pure Maya junkie, it would be so much fun to show off some of my work in my virtual apartment.

3996d ago