Top UK Developer says piracy "Natural reaction" to high video game prices

Charles Cecil: "Personally, I think that the level of piracy we have is nature’s way of turning around and saying games are too expensive and the way that they are distributed is not ideal.”

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Montrealien2994d ago

I also believe that 85% of the people who pirate games would of never purchased it in the first place.

TOO PAWNED2994d ago

I agree. Plants vs Zombie is what? 10 usd just go look how many torrents are there, i bet probably close to 1 million ppl downloaded it from torrent sites.
People like to get stuff for free, that's how it is and will always be. Even better argument is people pirating Iphone game that cost 1usd, seriously.

roman22994d ago

almost any game here cost 50euro on steam. plants vs zombies is 10euro.

average salary here is 800euro(brutto), rent for 2room apartment is ~400euro. i hope u can get the picture. and thats capital city. salary is a LOT worse in villages.
im not trying to justify piracy, just saying dont judge whole world based on US prices and salary.

Silver3602994d ago

is to not buy the game, a thief is a thief in all circumstances, situational stealing is still wrong not yours keep you filthy paws off of it