IncGamers: Brink Preview

IncGamers Andy Alderson ventures deep into enemy territory in this first look at Brink:

"We've all been looking forward to this presentation. Splash Damage is renowned for its energetic game demonstrations and, as Paul Wedgwood rattles off his first high-speed sentence into the mic, it's clear he hasn't lost any of his boundless enthusiasm for Brink. He gives some cursory attention to the story and background of Brink – futuristic society creates utopian city in the sea which soon becomes home of conflict between warring human factions – before getting to the meat of the presentation. Thanks to a certain Icelandic volcano, this is a worldwide exclusive demonstration of Brink and Wedgwood can't suppress the grin as he hints at what's in store for us."

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Fyzzu2850d ago

Okay, I'm excited. Wasn't that amazed by this before but... this sounds great. When's it out?

maawdawg2850d ago

no official release date set yet. "Shooting for Fall 2010" is the closest thing to that so far. I am drooling for this game already. Hopefully this stockpile of May games will last me a while to keep my mind off it.