Red Dead Redemption Revolution Trailer released

E4G: Rockstar games has released a new trailer for their upcoming game Red Dead Redemption. The trailer showcases the revolution of the game and how fun it will be.

Here is the trailer:

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himdeel2964d ago

...has already peaked for me. I REALLY REALLY want to be impressed RDR and have lots of fun playing this game for a very LONG TIME. I've decided to watch every piece of video on this game since it's an open world game. I expect the story to follow any number of spaghetti westerns I've seen over my lifetime so there's no way for the story to be truly spoiled for me.

Likewise the multiplayer co-op options in some ways makes this game a very small western-mmorpg which is very cool.

Anyway PSNID jboyjeeks let's posse up.

dardinkay2964d ago

Indeed, this will be quite the game once it hits store shelves.

nefertis2964d ago

@himdeel i will add u too my friends list my PSNID hustleman24 this game is going too be epic.

mjolliffe2964d ago

Really can't wait for this!

dardinkay2964d ago

Yep! IT is going to be fun :)