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Yakuza 2 was released in the west two years ago without any kind of promotion, causing many to miss it completely, as the current generation was already well underway.

Now that Yakuza 3 is out, Classy Gamer reviews it's worthy predecessor, sporting one of the most complex and fun combat systems on the PS2 and an equally deep story.

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Chadness2904d ago

I feel ashamed not having played the first two, but I'm actually interested in jumping in with the third one, assuming I ever find the time.

Abriael2904d ago

If you still have a PS2 getting the first 2 and at least playing the naked story (which normally takes about 20 hours each) might be a good idea. At least the second chapter is very worth it, and it's 100% compatible with a backwards compatible PS3 too.
If you don't have a chance to, luckily the 3 has two movies showing the story of the first two games quite in depth, so you wouldn't be left in the dark.
Playing the previous games is good to build an emotional link with the characters before you start the third :D

Saeveth2904d ago

I really do want to pick up the first two now, so I can have them played when I get around to getting this one.

Leviathon64252904d ago

i just started playing this game today.

Abriael2904d ago

That's funny :D Lemme give you a piece of advice.

If you're using a guide (which helps a lot in not missing stuff), use this one:
It's specifically built on the american version, so the names are the same as opposed to the translated ones of the other guids, it also has a nice step-by-step structure to 100% completion, warning you very clearly when you're risking to miss something.

BYE2904d ago

I really wanna play 3, but kinda feel obligated to play 1 & 2 before, which is too time consuming : /

Abriael2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

If you play just the main story without doing the sidequests (easy difficulty is well balanced for that), they'll take about 18-20 hours each, maybe a lil less.

If you really don't wanna play them, at the beginning of Yakuza 3 you can access a couple long-winded movies that will give you a very good idea of what happened in the previous games, including the major characters and so forth. I'd still advise to play at least the second game (that has the same recap movie about the first game), that is quite a lot better than the first both story-wise and technically.

In any case the third chapter is still good as stand-alone. Actually better (and much bigger) than most games released nowadays.

Redempteur2904d ago

i was about to get my yakuza 3 game but that stupid volcano erupted and then my item was lost i'm waiting ...waiting to see it come home so i can play it ....

BYE2904d ago


Thanks for advice man I might have to look for a used copy of part 2 and squeeze it in somehow. 2009 / 2010 are so jam packed with good game releases, the Yakuza series sounds like it's worth playing though.