Sega Nerds Review: Iron Man 2

Well it’s now 2010, Iron Man 2 is rocking the film world, but can SEGA’s new attempt at Iron Man 2: The Video Game (its full title) also rock the gaming world?

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Montrealien2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

We know these games are never great, but there is no need to just piss on it with a 1. I believe no game deserves a 1, or a perfect score for that matter. I have had this game on demo at my store for over a week and it is an average game that does what it is supposed to do, playing and giving it a score of 1 is lazy and boring. The review is well written and I enjoyed it, but the final score is a little harsh imho.

Abriael2811d ago

While it may not deserve an 1 (but I wouldn't go over a 2), it's time for Sega to stop wasting marketing and licensing money on this crap (or on crap like AvP), and to start using it in some of the great franchises they own but that go unnoticed because they don't get an half decent promotion when released in the west, like the Yakuza one for instance.

Montrealien2811d ago

but that`s what some companies need to do sometimes to actually make money, not everyone can just churn out tried and tested franchises and Sega was at a point during the last few years where they had to license andwhore some stuff out, its sad but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Sega went the route of listening to the fans online and it brought them nothing, a great example of that is Yakuza, its a common online reaction to say its a great game, yet no one buys it, it is jusyt not appealing to the average gamer. They also went to route of making below average products, ei Golden Axe and AVP.

So yeah, Sega has been going down hill the last few years, they made many bad calls, but it is not because they did not try. And yes, I dont think a game like Iron man should get an above average score, but rock bottom like a 1/5 is a little extreme imho.

almehdaaol2811d ago

Agreed, I feel kind of bad for SEGA studios SF. I mean yes, they did make Iron Man the Video Game (kind of hard look past that) but Im sure the time constraints and licencing pressure from Marvel and the high-ups was way more detrimental to the game than just bad design

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

The studio that made the game has been shut down.
The game ends after 3 hours.You don’t haveto buy it.
The box can be fashioned into some kind of futuristic hat.
I just finished watching IronM2, and I also wasn't impressed. I had to go back and watch The dark knight to remind me that there are good comic movies.

john master lee2811d ago

Wait this guy didn't like the movie either? Man, he sure seems cranky.

AEtherbane2811d ago

I laughed so hard at those!

NeverforgetNES2810d ago

Movie based video games.....WHEN WILL IT END?!?!?!