New Video of PS3 gun peripheral in action

The latest video of the XCM Storm gun in action on the PS3 has hit the web. Essentially this new product from XCMLive brings a replica gun control the PS3 complete with an analog nunchuk for finer movements. Check out the video.

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justGAMES2909d ago

It looks ok but I'd rather get an original playstation gun if there is such a thing the size and shape of the gun looks cool but it's not wireless.

ClownBelt2909d ago

Looks good to me. I just wish the price looks good as well.

keyserhitman2909d ago

two analog/ one detachable, plus gun...
(yes im aware of the time crisis gun before hand)
but still tho, its..

i want...

Gunner_Ali2909d ago

looks good but why not just use the move instead on its own