Anarchy: Rush Hour launch trailer released

E4G: Gaijin Entertainment has just released the launch trailer for Anarchy: Rush Hour that is exclusive for the PlayStation 3. The trailer showcases a few races and how it can be an addicting game.

Watch the trailer below:

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PirateThom2660d ago

So... it's like Burnout?

MAiKU2660d ago

Looks like some weird extension on Burnout... geez i was hoping for a ps3 exclusive i would play.

dardinkay2660d ago

Similar but not as good :P

creeping judas2660d ago

No burnout was good, can't believe i wasted $15 on this game!!!

dardinkay2660d ago

15 bucks is a rip off >.>

DlocDaBudSmoka2660d ago

this game came out at 7.99usd. even at 8bucks the game is bad. its nothing at all like Burnout. except for the fact that its a driving game.

DlocDaBudSmoka2660d ago

a new trailer for this. i think its new, hell it might be the same one from the psn. the video makes the game look way more fun than it actually is. tricky bastards.