Is Namco Bandai Working On A Bunch Of PlayStation 3 Exclusives?

Take a look at this chart, it’s an
outline of Namco Bandai’s
publishing plans for each
platform, In fiscal year 2011
(that’s April 2010 to March 31,
2011), Namco Bandai plans to
publish thirteen PlayStation 3
titles, but only eight Xbox 360

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Teehee2721d ago

Since it's Scamco, those are probably Wii ports.

Reibooi2721d ago

And that would be a bad thing why? There are quite a few good Wii games. Tales of Graces for example looks incredible(just as good as Vesperia did) and it was on Wii only.

I for one would love to see that game come to PS3 or 360.

El Botto2721d ago

Its Namco Bandai. Enough said.

Im expecting at least 1 PSMOVE game and 1 PS3 exclusive big budget game from them.

Disccordia2721d ago

It could be those long overdue games from Cellius

Commander TK2721d ago

Highly doubtful. These c***s broke the exclusivity of three former Playstation franchises.

mastiffchild2721d ago

IF they're indeed making a few PS3 exclusives they'll only be a result of economics and almost definitely games that wouldn't see a western release on either platform anyway. the other thing it could be is Wii ports to Move that don't fit with Natal.

Whatever, I doubt there's any reason for 360 only gamers to feel they might be missing out in any real way and I imagine any PS3 gamer thinking this means AA exclusives(esp for us in the west) will be sorely mistaken.

Naturally, the Sony/Namco mash up could have a title to replace the one they dropped but, again, there was no guarantee it would've come to the west either-and are we really that excited about ANYTHING from Cellius anyway? I just don't think there's much to talk about here.

FACTUAL evidence2721d ago

I'd be so happy to see a Klonoa 3 for the ps3. I'd probably have a heart attack and die, come back from the dead and play it.

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ClownBelt2721d ago

Most likely ONLY on Japan like ALWAYS. Eat sand Namco. <---I don't know where that comes from to be honest.

MexicanAppleThief2721d ago

Why they didn't make an international version of Tales of Vesperia like Star Ocean, only god knows.

SaiyanFury2721d ago

I still trust a hope that a North American version is coming. They know how popular the series is over here with RPGamers, so they know there's a potential sale-base. I just think they're keeping quiet on it for a long time like they did with Eternal Sonata, also of which was a 360 exclusive for over a year.

shink2721d ago

I know right. This is the game I really want localized, or even just put subtitles I don't care. I want to play this game.

Abriael2721d ago

Can only hope it's an international release of Vesperia PS3, and maybe Gundam Senki. I'm still quite bent on the fact that we didn't get those here.

NYC_Gamer2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

i guess exclusive ps3 titles in japan...

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The story is too old to be commented.