Exclusive: first look at digital game trade-ins

Video Games Daily writes:

"Behind the scenes with Green Man Gaming, the service that could change the way gamers purchase their games... the appeal of being able to instantly swap old PC games for a new release without leaving your home (and no boxes in sight) should be enough to arouse the interest of every PC gamer on the planet."

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leper6412994d ago

...and by huge i mean beat Steam, Metaboli etc etc

chak_2994d ago

yeah why not, but they need to sign MAJORS publishers for that.

chak_2994d ago

interessting to say the least.

Dnied2994d ago


Would it be compatible with something like Steam? Can I trade in my steam games? Can I trade in my steam games for other steam games or is this going to be completely separate and will force me to create multiple "digital" collections?

leper6412994d ago

They're signing all the big publishers, just havent announced em yet