PS3 Will Outsell Xbox 360 in 2010, says Activision

ShackNews: As part of the publisher's Q1 fiscal results, Activision Blizzard has released its internal estimates for console and portable hardware in North America and Europe combined. For the current calendar year, Activision is forecasting that the Wii will once again be the best-selling console with another 12 million units sold

Interestingly, the company also believes that Sony's PS3 will top Microsoft's Xbox 360, 9 million vs. 8 million units sold

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gtamike1232996d ago

Because it does everything. :)
GT5 will really help sell the PS3 also.
I just know that E3 Sony PS3 games are going to have another new high graphics bar set.

patrick1592996d ago Show
FOXDIE2996d ago

somebody is a bit butthurt!

KiraxYamato2996d ago

1080p moving streaming
online integration
fast game update
great arcade games

you can't argue wit the best games and controller since its based on opinions. From all the exclusive you listed you named 8 exclusive lmao with like 5 the same name. I mean I coud say LBP, LBP2, GOW 1,2,3, U1,U2,R1,R2,MGS4 that's eleven exclusive lmao. NO we cannot just say that what about FFXIII Versus, XIV, The Last Guardian, GT5, Heavy Rain, Demon Soul, ModNation Racer, Socom 4, Twisted Metal, White Knight Chronicle, Yakuza, The Agent just to name some from top of my head.

And for the Xbox Live I won't even argue. I mean seriously you really can't compare xbox live who make you pay and PSN which is free. I mean Xbox Live has money flowing in which help them update and add more feature while the PSN rely on there sales to help it update.

Danteh2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

@patrick159 EPIC FAIL haha

-Private chats- yeah you can message privately to anyone (wtf lol?)

-Parties- wtf? party hard then

-1080p - BluRay, the best format with the highest image and sound quality in the world

-Live interactive game shows- again, what is this sh!t you posted

-Online integration- when did you hit your head and forgot that the PS3 has as much online integration as the 360. I mean seriously I dunno why you even posted this

-Best games--> LOL. The PS3 is agreed even among 360 fanboys to have, by large, the best and most varied exclusives. Seriously, there's no competition here, the PS3 destroys the 360 in games. GOW II, Uncharted 2, Demons Souls, LBP, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 (will never come to the 360), Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, 3D Dot Game Heroes, FFvsXII, etc etc etc

-Best controler- matter of preference, I prefer the DS3

-Voice mesaging- umm if you have a mic you can do it

-Fast OS updates- as fast as the 360

-Fast game updates- as fast as the 360

- Fast downloads- as fast as the 360 (see a trend here?)

- Great arcade games- the PS3 rapes the 360, it has Flower, Fat
Princess, and soon the best 360 arcade exclusive, Castle Crashers

- Many DLC's first- I'll give you that, don't wanna abuse you ;)

See, thats the Manual 101 of "How to get wtfpwned on teh Internets"
Hope u read it more carefully next time :D

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Sky Sentry2996d ago

How is Danteh's refute wrong? Oh wait, you have no ground to counter his points, so you resort to calling him stupid? You need to grow up!

Fat Bastard2996d ago

Patrick, you're an idiot. I own both consoles and enjoy them both. Live is definitely better than PSN as far as the social aspect goes, but it doesn't offer first party dedicated servers. PS3 does have netflix with 1080p streaming btw. It also has an internet browser, built in wi-fi, and blu ray, which the 360 doesn't have. The 360 has only about 6 franchises of exclusive games (gears, halo, l4d, mass effect, splinter cell). They're great and I love playing them, but there's not nearly as much diversity as the PS3 offers and they don't offer close to the same visual glory. Sony gives you the uncharted games, warhawk, mgs, motorstorm, gt, god of war, mag, heavy rain, infamous, killzone, lbp, socom, resistance, modnation, demon's souls, valkyria, and tons others. I love my 360, but it doesn't offer nearly as much content or as many excellent exclusive franchises as PS3

MisterNiwa2995d ago

Yeah, with 1080p Streaming you dont need to go outside and show off your troll face in the society.

This is a real good thing, god bless Microsoft to keep those trolls in their holes.

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STEVIE_2996d ago

This will be the year that developers start to mainly produce multi-platform games for PS3 and port them to 360.

-Mezzo-2996d ago

So stating the obvious is news as well. Din't we all knew that already.

I do not give a rats-ass about who leads as long as i get AAA games on both consoles.

We're all winners here.

whitesoxfalife2996d ago

tell them again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legosz2995d ago

Totally agreed. Gaming is all preference, as long as we get good games there are no losers. +bubble.

HxCGamer2996d ago

u def got the right idea

darkmurder2996d ago

This is like saying Activision will make lots of money, you know its gonna happen.

R2D22996d ago

the company that Bungie made a deal with. Its like Activision has beef with M$.

Ont topic - I had my PS3 for over a year now and I would not trade it for the world, I am still boggled as how the PS3 has not sold as much as it should.

Activision is in no position to say that the PS3 will out sell the 360 cause we dont know what impact NATAL will hace with the casuals - unless Acti has had 100% first had play time with the tech then I dont know how they can say that.

zeddy2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

its all about reach vs gt5 this year and i think reach will sell more but expect a lot of ps3 sales in japan when gt5 comes out later this year.

Anon19742996d ago

It's been going on since the PS3 was available worldwide. If you look at the official data from each company the PS3 had outsold the 360 head 2 head in the 3 years since the PS3 launched worldwide and that was before the PS3 Slim launched. While they seemed to go back and forth month to month and quarter to quarter in the long run there's no doubt that consumers have spoken and they choose the PS3 over the 360. What I find surprising about that is this happened while the PS3 was twice the price of the 360 as well. Now that the price is down since the Slim launched the PS3 has really taken off.

In fact, when you start looking at the data, considering the 360's failure rates and considering Microsoft had no way of tracking 360's leaving retail as replacements either by in-store warranty replacements or people buying new 360's, the evidence certainly suggests that in the wild PS3's and 360's are in a dead heat. Multiplat games routinely sell similarly on each console now and companies like Ubisoft and EA have reported for some time now that revenue generated from each console is roughly even.

This prediction from Activision simply reaffirms what has been going on for years now. The 360's time is certainly winding down with slowing 360 sales, slipping software revenue and Microsoft themselves said less developer money is being spent on the 360. So what now? Can a new Xbox be far off?

feelintheflow2996d ago

The PS3 is going to continue to outsell the 360 until this console generation is over. The question will be, is whether or not it will catch up before MS puts out a new system. I don't see the PS3 closing the gap by much this year with Reach and Natal coming out, but they will still outsell for the year. I am just happy that I own all three systems so I don't miss anything.

-Alpha2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Hey darkside, glad to see you get a fresh start with 3 bubbles now.

As for the PS3, you know, numbers can't lie.

However, I don't see the big fuss. I don't understand why sales are suddenly mattering to PS3 fans. I also don't see the point. They will still be second to Nintendo. But I guess in console wars the PS3 and 360 are the only thing that matter to people arguing.

Anyways, I am very confused as to why sales matter still. Gamers get nothing out of it and it's a flawed system to judge "who wins" considering the fact that
a) Sony or MS will never win when Nintendo is around, and
b) Profits are what REALLY matter most (to companies if we are going to argue for them) and Nintendo has been making more than Sony and MS

For argument's sake I can see the PS3 beating 360 and the shift of developers developing on the PS3 is a glorious thing to see, but I don't see the point of why it matters if PS3 outsells 360.

facelike2996d ago

I think it's vindication. PS3 users have been crying this for a while, and only recently, with articles like this, does it seem the gaming media, press and industry foks seem to be confirming this.

This shouldn't be news really, but it is apparently.

Kurylo3d2996d ago

Alpha male,
to say the 360 or ps3 wont ever win while nintendo is around doesnt make sense. The truth is all 3 of them are winning. They are all profiting. There are no losers this generation.

Hallmark Moment2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

"considering the 360's failure rates and considering Microsoft had no way of tracking 360's leaving retail as replacements either by in-store warranty replacements or people buying new 360's, the evidence"

A comment can't get anymore fanboyish. That ridiculous comment wins most retarded of the month.

You really think Microsoft selling more 360's in NPD will stop here and now? And won't spread world wide this year? I almost think you guys are truly convincing yourselves that Microsoft won't sell 360s like the way Nintendo sells Wii's at the end of this year. Microsoft will run out of 360's for months after this holiday.

Noctis Aftermath2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

@hallmark: oh that is a comment i have to save to memory.

In fact i think you should listen to your own words "A comment can't get anymore fanboyish. That ridiculous comment wins most retarded of the month." because your comment = way more 'fanboyish' then his, ironic huh? lmao.

Anon19742996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

The reason that I think sales matter to an extent is the impression that good sales leave on consumers. If something is selling well, it will peak consumers interest. If something is known to be selling poorly this can influence consumers. Why isn't it selling well? Something must be wrong with the product. Aside from the profit aspect and an expanding installed user base, sales matter because the perception a well received product has matters. Given that the game media was hell bent on portraying the PS3 as a sales disaster for years it's about time media started looking at the truth of the matter.

"Winning" doesn't really enter into it. If I make more money than my neighbor did I "win"? Of course not. There's plenty of room in the game industry for all 3 players. Although there is competition for the same dollars to an extent it's not as if Nintendo's success with the Wii spells failure for everyone else. As long as each company makes money off their product, that's a win and right now both Sony and Microsoft have a long way to go before each product even breaks even. With 360 sales and software revenue slowing down for some time now I'm not sure if they'll be able to break even before the 360's day is done, but the PS3 probably still has a chance.

As for Hallmark Moment's comments, I really have no idea what you're complaining about. The 360's failure rates are a well known problem. We also know that consumer studies have shown consumers will deal with faulty products at the point of purchase before they'll deal with the manufacturer, and that Microsoft has no way of tracking these as anything but another 360 sold to retailers. Care to expand you criticism of my comment by actually explaining what you object to?

DaTruth2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I actually had a friend who "WON", because he makes more money than me, so he said.

I thought he lost because he was bald at 20, he stunk since 12(breath, body and feet) and he is fat and not very attractive!

So clearly your comment is correct because he does not have billions of dollars and that is how much you would have to pay me to smell like him!

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ravinash2996d ago

In the same way the anyone would post anti Xbox news.
News is about new games, improvements and other thing to make your gaming life better.
All the anti this and that are usally just fan boys crying and trying to drag down the rest of us.

El Botto2996d ago

*agrees with Activision.

From now on, any developer that supports the 360 with exclusives, is bought by Microsoft.

Because no sane developer will take that gamble. There is no economic incentive.

Dlacy13g2995d ago

Would that be the same gamble for making a game PS3 exclusive? And furthermore...just look at MW2 numbers and tell me a company / developer wouldn't be extatic about about the numbers the 360 sku alone put up...which for the record is about double that of the PS3.

El Botto2995d ago

while 360 has declining sales year over year. And thats why it makes sense to "bet" on the PS3 especially when one takes into account that the PS3 has far superior technology and power.

PS3 exclusives makes sense. And Sony has a big 1st and 2nd party studios behind it. Thats why PS3 exclusives will never stop and will keep flowing in. Unlike 360.

As for MW2, son, stop believing the lies from the bots. MW2 sold the same amount on PS3 and 360 from attach ratio comparison.

mookins2996d ago

Interesting try to shove your comments down people's throats by calling them fools for owning a PS3.

Let's hope that's sarcasm.

evrfighter2996d ago

lol Activision.

Activision clearly know where the gaming market is going. I mean just look at Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, now CoD :D

ZombieNinjaPanda2996d ago

Activision said this? What?

Weren't they the ones that said something about the Ps3 needing a price drop to sell their games or something?

Whatever happened to that?

BaSeBaLlKiD7212996d ago

That was before Sony announced the PS3 price drop...

iceman062995d ago

The PS3 SLIM came out and started the momentum that STILL exists today with the PS3. No...they didn't NEED a price drop...but they DID benefit once it happened.

Rampant2996d ago

I believe it! So should be five more years until it passes the 360 then?

irepbtown2996d ago

GT5 will make the PS3 sell LOADS.
But on the monthly count, lately PS3 has been outselling 360 (MONTHLY THAT IS).

I will definitely pre-order GT5, i'm just wondering when the game will actually be release. I cant wait for E3, that should answer lots of questions like MoH, GRFS (Ghost recon future soldier), i think CoD black ops aswell. And GT5 ofcourse. Those games are what i want so far.

vhero2996d ago

If activision think this why they releasing exclusive content on MS consoles first? Guess it must be money as nothing else makes sense.

2996d ago Replies(1)
sikbeta2995d ago

Oh... that's Gotta hurt... lol

But, seriously, the "gap" is Shrinking Really Fast, Japan alone make the gap smaller, so IF we Add Europe and/or the So called [Others] by Vgchartz (not real numberz, but estimates), sales are Favoring the PS3, even in America, the Difference in HW sales is about 40k per mount, Always Take in Consideration that the PS3 is Still the more "Expensive" Console, it's just a matter of time and When Sony Decide to lower the Price, the PS3 @ $250 and everyone will see How sales Skyrocket...

Shani2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I knew that PS3 would lead in the end. And the time is coming.
I am glad to be PS3 Owner.

ChrisW2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

As long as they can continue kicking 360's butt like this for about 8 more years.

villevalorox2995d ago

I agree too, I mean about time Activision gets something right.

El_Colombiano2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

If you've made it this far down the comments list, you probably have already forgotten the original topic.

N4g_null2995d ago

So basically activison is claiming that GT5 will only net 1 million more gamers buying a new system compared to what the xbox 360 will sale.

So they are saying the PS3 will be in 3rd next year also yet they will close the gap a little. I don't know if I would take estimates from the devil or patcher at this point but activison can not even predict what their employees want, obviously money but thats a little to confusing you know.

HolyOrangeCows2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I'd bet that it outsells the 360's total by 2011.

Microsoft is going to have to cut their over-priced console and HDDs again if they want to keep up.

N4g_null2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Truthfully I really don't care if it does I just know PS3 gamers need to buy more games or some thing. I was stating that activision see a lead next year yet only a by a million the gap is 4-6 million depending on who you ask. So simple math says that they will still be 3-5 million behind and that will be in 2011 so maybe in 2014-2022 they will past the xbox I'm not sure and I really don't care since we have other platforms to make games for.

Don't know about the price and all but HDD drive went down in price a lot. You can get like 3 terabytes now for a very good price. Even SSD harddrives are falling in price. So who knows.

Yeah the PS3 will win but if it is years from now I'm not sure who is going to care, sort of like when the dreamcast died, no one cared. Unfortunately....

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Omega42996d ago

Woah, didn't realize the gap was so big in the West, Sony really needs to focus on Japan more cause with that they don't stand much chance against the 360.

If things continue as they are Activision is likely correct, but the impact of Natal and a 360 Slim could push the 360 to crazy levels.

mrv3212996d ago

And with Sony releasing the PSMOVE... it could push the PS3 to crazy levels.

In the west? You do realise Europe is west and recently the PS3 outsold the 360 there.

leeger2996d ago

Sony is doing pretty good in Japan, it's like 4M units more than the 360 there. But I do believe the PS3 could never catch up on the 360 in NA but worldwide, with the help of Japan and EU,, it can.

Christopher2996d ago

Why would you focus on a part of the world you've already dominated instead of a part of the world where you've yet to see as big of a growth as you want? Doesn't make much sense there, Omega4.

As far as Natal and the possibility of a 360 slim? I'll wait till E3 before I say anything about that.

TreMillz2996d ago

A slim model isn't going to do jack sh*t for 360. Why? Because guarentee it will still have RRoD, something Microsoft purposely created. Natal is up in the air, some devs showed their doubts, some say its will change gaming, some of them get paid to say that. M$ is always doing no camers at its events, they are already working on Natal 2, there is doubt somewhere in their minds. You know what drived 360? FPS and Live. So far looks like Natal won't do either, well maybe Live in some way. If Sony only focused on US, they would get nowhere. And the gap isn't even that big in US, before M$ fiscal report they had 19mil and Sony had 14mil. The of the world was in Sony's hand. PS3 will outsell 360, maybe not this year, but very soon.

leeger2996d ago

really MS is 19M in US and PS3 is 14M? Care to give a link cause as far as I know the 360 is like 8-9M units ahead of the PS3 in the US.

danielle0072996d ago

None of the new models of the 360 ever get the RROD, because they fixed the problem. I haven't heard of any at least. Plus, the slim would fail for other reasons. What about the interchangeable harddrives? Unless my harddrive can fit into the slim just fine, I would not even consider switching to one. At all.

I disagree with other things you say as well. Natal could be a flop, but I like that they're differentiating themselves from Nintendo, instead of taking Sony's route of directly using a Wiimote + Wiimotion plus + Nunchuck. Honestly, though, I find it kind of lame that they're both jumping on the motion control bandwagon and trying to steal the casual gaming market from Nintendo. Because, regardless of what Sony or M$ say, the only reason they would come out with their own Wiimote or whatever, is to get a slice of the casual gaming market. It is not to cater to the core gamers. I feel like I should be holding a sign that says "The End is Nigh." Sigh. Depressing junk. I hope they both fail so I can keep my controller for forever.

aaronisbla2996d ago

last i checked, the led the 360 has over ps3 worldwide isn't even that big, so why would it be that large in just america?

danielle0072996d ago

I'm not on board that the PS3 will destroy the 360 in sales this year, I think that the 360 has some swell exclusives, and so does the PS3, but the fact is that unless Sony catches up in production and actually ships PS3s out everywhere, their sales aren't going to go up. I know in my region, we haven't seen more than 3 PS3s every couple weeks at my GameStop, and it's the same at all the other stores. I can't even count how many people broke down and just bought a 360 instead, since they're readily available everywhere, plus the 360's spring bundle is a steal. I'm just saying, that they would have probably slammed the 360s sales already if they had kept a steady stream of systems going out.

On another note, I don't think that a 360 slim would help.. anything. Unless they made it really weirdly shaped, because the thing that I love about my 360's design is that the harddrives are easily interchangeable. So, I can pop my harddrive off my 360, take it to my friends, and pop it into his 360, and play it like it's my own.

DarthTigra 2996d ago

Very true. Sony shot themselves in the foot with that. Could be gearing up for Christmas / GT5, but still.

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madmonkey02996d ago

not really suprising, it has outsold it in 2009 so it probably will again 2010. as its the third fastest selling console in history, behind the ps2 and the wii.

BeaArthur2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I think a lot of that will depend on GT5 and whether it actually comes out this year (which I hope it does).

InfectedDK2996d ago

I really AM sure it will come out late this year..
This time I bet it will.

BeaArthur2996d ago

I would agree, this year seems to have the most "firm" time frame we have seen.

DarthTigra 2996d ago

It better come out this year.