RAGE Developer id Talks Post-Apocalyptic, Motion Controllers, ZeniMax Purchase and More

ShackNews: When id Software--the company that created DOOM and QUAKE--talks, you tend to listen.

After all, this is the company that helped pioneer and popularize the entire first-person shooter genre in the first place.

Now, the company is gearing up to unleash its first original property in quite some time with RAGE--a game that will also mark id's first release across PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 when it hits in 2011

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Theonetheonly2995d ago

ID Tech 5
Got some cool stuff, like the ability to essentially edit the same game over multiple workstations. and literally paint on textures in engine, creating infinite amounts of detail without actually increasing Memory footprint. Interesting stuff indeed.

magicwalnuts2995d ago

This game will fail so hard if it doesn't have mod support.