6 most important game consoles of all time ever

Matt Cundy from GamesRadar writes: Someone asked me recently what I thought was the most important games console of all time ever. I thought it was a good question, because it was hard to answer and I've been told that good questions are always the hardest to answer. Like "What do the ghosts turn into when Pac-Man eats them?" and "If Lakitu is the camera dude, then whose filming Lakitu?"

In fact, I found the question so hard to answer, I didn't answer it at all. Instead, I came up with an alternative answer. An alternative answer to an alternative question that instead asked: "What are the six most important game consoles of all time ever and can you list them in a non-specific order besides the order in which they were released, oldest to newest?" Now there's a question I could answer. Here it is:

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Monkey5212876d ago

The only reason I am approving this is to see people's reactions. I don't quite agree with the 360 and Wii being on there as neither of them have really contributed to gaming as a whole. Don't start saying anything about Xbox Live, it really hasn't revolutionized gaming in any way. And notice I said 'GAMING'. All the Wii accomplished was to sucker a bunch of people into the motion controller craze. IMO all motion controllers are gimmicks, including Natal and Move. Anyways, I'd rather see the Dreamcast up there for starting Online Gaming for consoles, yes I know it died miserably, but it did start a trend.

BeaArthur2876d ago

So you don't think that the entirely new demographic that the Wii has reached makes it important? I would agree with the 360 though, the Xbox and more importantly Xbox Live (yes whether you like it or not Live brought multiplayer to consoles and revolutionized the way we play games) were way more important than the 360. That's like saying the PS2 was more important than the PS1, it makes no sense.

Monkey5212876d ago

I see your point....but to me, bringing that demographic in has yet to add anything to gaming as a whole. All they are doing is bringing in consumers, which has yet to have a significant impact for the whole market. All that's happening is more shovel ware being spewed out.

Steve_02876d ago

"Xbox Live (yes whether you like it or not Live brought multiplayer to consoles and revolutionized the way we play games)"

Xbox Live and online gaming is nowhere near as popular as you'd like to believe. The majority of home consoles, even this generation, are not used to play online. in any case, it was the xbox that started live, not the 360. Combine this with the fact that the Dreamcast brought online prior to the xbox, and that the ps2 was (poorly) online capable, and that statement loses weight.
Xbox Live is available in less than a third of the world. Open your eyes and realise that there are countries outside of America. And that together they comprise a bigger market (maybe not for the 360 in particular) for home console gaming.
Multiplayer gaming for me is still hopping to my mates place for Fifa Friday

kjordanreyna2876d ago

I'm more shocked at no PS2. I also don't agree with the 360 being number two since the original xbox had Live aswell, but we all know PS2 >xbox 1

BeaArthur2876d ago

Monkey521...that's where we disagree because the Wii has added a new group of gamers. They may not be a gamer in the same sense you and I are, and sure they only play shovel ware which you and I stick up our noses at (and rightfully so) but they are still playing games on a console which they never would have done without the Wii. Also, last time I checked both Microsoft and Sony are now in the final stages of releasing their own motion controls. Those two key points make the Wii not only innovative but important. I mean 10 years from now for all we know traditional controllers may be a thing of the past (which I doubt but is possible) and it all started with the Wii.

Steve_0...okay first of all, please read the post carefully before you reply. I said the Xbox stared Live not the 360. Second the PSN and Live have millions of online users. I believe the PSN actually has 20 million unique users. And although that may not be the majority that is a lot. And I never specified how popular it was I just said it revolutionized the way a lot of us play games. Not only that but it has changed the landscape of gaming. Many developers start with the online components and work backwards to design the campaign (Halo: Reach comes to mind). You may have also heard of this thing called DLC that every developer now seems to throw at us for every single game. I never said Live was the first but it was the first to make it popular and has subsequently led us to this point. Be honest, how often did you play your Dreamcast online? Just because you still do split screen doesn't refute anything I have said. Try stepping out of your little box.

8thnightvolley2876d ago

u agree with the fact the wii wit shovelware games .. and the only things in revolutionized is make ms and sony bring out natal and move with casual focus .. is MORE important than the fact the 360 radicalized online gaming on consoles voice communication and syncing on consoles is less important.. then u are deeply flawed.. in my opinion no matter how dated the 360 might seem to be compared to the ps3 it made a big stamp on the gaming industry coz from the get go it was made with online gaming in mind .. the ps3 wasnt, its online importance was at the same level on ps2 when it was release it was until the point sony saw the gaming trend was changing that the PSN began to make more strides towards that end.

Lich1202876d ago


While I agree that that online console gaming is still a small portion of the overall populace, I do think its worth noting the 3+ million people I saw on halo 3 at once when it launched. Live certainly isn't revolutionary but I do think it was a big step for console gaming to be able to compete somewhat with the multiplayer experience PC's have been offering for a long time.

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darkmurder2876d ago

How can he say Xbox 360 for Xbox Live when Xbox 1 brought it in? And what the hell is with the Wii? It is far from important all its done is brought a few good games (Smash Bros and Mario Galaxy) and now has spawned the devil we call shovelware. It has also forced MS and Sony to get the idea they should put motion controls in because hardcore gamers will just "love" these new casual games.

Aphe2876d ago

Shovelware has always been around, it's not a new thing. Companies will always try to make a buck from selling a crap cheaply made product.

There was plenty of shovelware on the ps2 for example, there was shovelware on the MegaDrive also. It's not a new thing, the Wii just happens to be the best selling console so it gets the lions share of the shovelware.

catguykyou2876d ago

Live on the original XBOX was entirely different than what it is now. It pretty much only offered online play, in game chat, and a unified user/friends list. Live on the 360 is what every other console is aiming to be/beat now. Sony based their PSN service around what they saw Live doing (while I don't have a link, I do remember Sony stating when they were developing the PS3 that they planned to launch it with a service that would compete with Live in features and price (which ended up being free)). Live has forced other companies to meet a new standard and despite feelings toward price/performance/or system loyalty, this has only benefited every gamer out there because all the systems from now on will be expected to incorporate these features.

MegaPowa2876d ago

But the xbox live on the 360 is far better than how it was on the xbox that's most likely the reason it's on the list

StanLee2876d ago

Agree of disagree this is going to lead to fireworks.

HxCGamer2876d ago

since xbox live was the pure reason for the 360 being there, and live started on the original xbox, shouldnt the first xbox be there....

but whatever floats the writer's boat

catguykyou2876d ago

cars existed before fords model T, but it was the model T that brought an affordable quality car to the masses. If not for it, cars may have only been a thing for the rich and elite, never growing/improving to what it is today. Live is the same way. It started on xbox but what it did there wasn't something majorly special. It wasn't until it reached the 360 that Online console gaming reached the mass market. With the kind of numbers that Microsoft was showing, other companies like Nintendo and Sony decided to take online console gaming a little more seriously, both borrowing and in some cases improving upon the features that live had.

XBOX live is how it began, but XBOX 360's version of Live is how it took off.

Christopher2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I have issues with the Xbox 360 'console' being on there as well when it's solely the XBL software that people like about it. It's the same software that evolved from the first XBox, which evolved in parallel on the PC. The hardware itself is utter [email protected], though, and uses overpriced proprietary peripherals.

If this was about most important console advancements, I'd put XBL right up there where it belongs, though.

I don't have an issue with the Wii. First fully motion-based console that penetrated the casual market.

Persistantthug2876d ago

It almost single handedly brought the gaming industry back out of bankruptcy.

Who could deny this?

8thnightvolley2876d ago

the console pad on the nintendo on the list is the same basic design of pads today i see why the motion console trend is being lead by them again.. thou i personally am not intrested just hope the pad wont be abandoned for the gimmick move n natal stuff.. rather they should be supliments to enhance the enjoyment of gaming.

FragGen2876d ago

Seems like the best selling game system of all-time (PS2) might merit mention.

IMHO, I'm not sure either of the modern HD consoles (X360 or PS3) merit inclusion since they haven't really stood the test of time, yet, and are largely evolutionary. The PS3 is probably more innovative due to the Cell processor stuff, if I had to pick one. Kind of weird that no 16bit consoles were recognized, either.

The problem is that articles like this are just slow news day hit-bait. There's typically no real theme or method employed: the person doing the list is simply stating an opinion of the top of their head without any real objective basis or research.

LinuxGuru2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

This is the problem with the majority of contributors on this site. This is not why we approve news.

I don't care what the story's about, if people are thinking like that whilst clicking "approve", then that is not good.

Wrathman2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

LULZ you guys are just pissed that the ps3 isnt on the list.

the ps3 brought 1 original aspect with it.
blu-ray.everything else is a cut and paste copy job. online was an after thought for trash about MS not including blu-ray..but last time i checked MS didnt have a time machine.

s45gr322876d ago

I just hate separating PC from Videogame consoles. The xbox 360 to me is important in how not to do a videogame console. The PS3 is important in the sense that videogame consoles are not the future of gaming. Think about it the PS3 was the first closed platform PC i.e. Linux OPERATING SYSTEM. Blu-ray Disc format, Eyecreate (photo video editing program for PS3). It attracted the scientific community, the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Federal agents to replace their PCs for PS3's due to being cheaper and able to do the task more efficiently than the PC. I.E. [email protected] proyect can only be done on a Super PC but they manage to bring it to the PS3 which is a proyect to eradicate protein related diseases like cancer. U.S. Federal agents are using the PS3 to capture criminals like pedophiles and such. It brought the blue tooth technology from the cellphone to the home replacing the nintendos' wireless wavebird technology a.k.a double aa batteries or triple aaa batteries. For the first time ever keyboards, mouses, videogame controllers, etc. were using blue tooth technology on the PS3 a year earlier than on the PC. Did gamers appreciate all of this and the answer is no............

asdr3wsfas2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

"Think about it the PS3 was the first closed platform PC i.e. Linux OPERATING SYSTEM."

The dreamcast and PS2 can run linux. So can the GC and wii. They're all computers. Your distinction is conceptual and not present in the actual hardware.

"U.S. Federal agents are using the PS3 to capture criminals like pedophiles and such."

This is because they sell the ps3 for a loss to make up for later on games. You can go buy a Cray that smokes your ps3 but it costs tons. ps3s are very inexpensive parallel computing clusters.

They're not bad or slow but a top PC will beat them in some tasks, including graphics processing. The ps3 will win in others suited for parallel processing (unless you wanna hack the graphics card in a PC to do some of that for you). No matter how impressive the ps3 is for a console it's not cut and dry.

captain-obvious2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

this list fails in so many levels
the PS2 is not in there
that's the first reason for example

Elvfam5112876d ago

I miss the NES. Blowing dust out of the cartridges *tear*.

"So don't bother whining to me about how Dreamcast did it in 1999 with a bloody dial-up modem"

Facepalm acknowledge it but doesn't give credit nice.

eagle212876d ago

The Wii is very important. The original xbox does esentially what the 360 does. NES and Playstation 1 and are seriously important to gaming and by far the most important.

asdr3wsfas2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I don't get leaving out the NES or ps1. The NES saved the industry after atari. The ps1 was the beginning of the console as media computer. It said "Sony Computer Entertainment" when it booted for a reason. Before xbox sony execs predicted MS would be their top future competitor when they realized the threat the console as media computer model posted to Windows.

NES (saved gaming)

PS1 (changed gaming to a pc model)

PS2 (top selling mainstream)

Wii (redefined inputs and expanded the market to demographics people thought videogames would never reach while threatening the current console as media computer paradigm)

Xbox (represents MS's entry to the field and the online focus that took off, you could arguably replace it by 360 but if MS enters a market that is a huge sign)

Atari 2600 (this should be higher but atari fans don't flame and are the only ones who read this long)

Monkey5212873d ago

Of what? All I said is that IMO all motion controllers are gimmicks. How does that make me a fanboy? I think people are starting to use the word 'fanboy' anytime they don't agree with someone.

BattleAxe2876d ago

Super Nintendo

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InfectedDK2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Where is the Sega Genesis!? O_o

And where is my PS3, "It only does everything".. It's basically turning into a monster machine capable of everything the Wii and the 360 does together! Lol. Just with at twist called free online gaming and Blu-ray.. My 2012 Blu-ray looks just fine..

Also I my self prefer the N64 over the wii..

But hey we can't all agree..

Paradise2876d ago

I have a problem with this

mikepmcc2876d ago

Wait...what? How was the Genesis important? Not saying it was bad, but it really didn't add anything to the gaming market, maybe you should read the point of the article again.

spunnups2876d ago

What an awful list.

My top 6: Atari, NES, Sega Genesis, N64, PS2, PS3

StanLee2876d ago

My list goes; Atari 2600, NES, N64, PS1, Dreamcast, XBox. I don't see how the XBox 360 is on the list when it's an evolution of the XBox and it's genesis of XBox Live. Similarly, I wouldn't put the PS2 or PS3 on the list because they're just evolutions of one console idea.

Topshelfcheese2876d ago

I agree with your statement, but I would argue that the PS2 is far more important and influential than the original PS was. It was the first to bring the idea of a multi-use home entertainment system, over just playing games.

StanLee2876d ago

Great point. You may as well put the PS, PS2 and PS3 as one defining moment in gaming.

Solidus187-SCMilk2876d ago

Because live Is alot more then it was on xbox.

Everything is unified and they were the first to do alot of things on consoles and have been very successful. With 360 they were the first console to offer the arcade and dl games and videos. And having achievements from day 1 on every 360 game. The have demos for every arcade game on live.

They have really expanded the online capabilities of video game consoles when they released the 360 in 2005.

keysy4202876d ago

each console is made from the last one that doesnt make sense.

catguykyou2876d ago

What was so special about the N64? There were good games but what did it do that revolutionized gaming at the time that made other console makers take note and say, we have to have that in our next console?

Atari 2600 - NES - Playstation- 360 - wii ( Atari 2600 for bringing gaming at home to mass market, NES for bringing gaming back from the dead, playstation for showing with different marketing tactics and disk media gaming can be more than just...gaming, 360 for its online service, wii for the idea that motion controls are good - which I disagree with but look at the other major companies and how they are copying thus fits the definition)

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JonnyBigBoss2876d ago

Outstanding list. I agree with you.

BigPappaPump2876d ago

The author's opinion is not fact.

Topshelfcheese2876d ago

Games Radar is funny. I'd put the Genesis and SNES up there before Xbox and Wii. Imo SNES is the best console ever.

Solidus187-SCMilk2876d ago

once I got that I played it till 1996 when the n64 woke me up when I saw mario climb a tree in 3d. Then I went crazy and Saved all of my money and got a n64 and PS1.

Too me all my systems are the best!!!! YAY