An Inside Look: Ninety-Nine Nights II Screenshots

Along with the release date announcement of Ninety-Nine Nights II, Konami released new screenshots showing more of the battle scenes within the game.

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Myst2963d ago

After missing the first one [didn't find it that interesting going by the demo alone]. I'm going to at least looking into this one, but after I at least give the first one a rent. As sometimes those demos can be unlike what the released game is like.

MightyMark4272963d ago

hopefully it's a lot better than the first one though =/

Myst2963d ago

Going off of the cam gameplay on GT titled 'storm the keep' it looks faster than the first, but not sure if that character was leveled up or not. Though hopefully it will out-do the first, then again I have yet to rent the first so I probably shouldn't be talking to much on it.