15 Best Graphics Cards In The World Today

All the fastest video cards, all in one place.

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ATi_Elite2995d ago

Wow any PC geek already knows this except they left off the GTX 260. Remove the GTX 470 as it can't beat the HD 5850 and add the GTX 260 for it's sheer power to price ratio.

Crossfire HD4890 or HD 5850 or SLI GTX 260 or GTX 275 for best bang for buck and run everything just fine maxed out.

For Enthusiast..
GTX 480 is way to hot, loud, and power hungry and requires a 1200 watt PSU to SLI and forget overclocking unless your using water cooling. Just buy a HD 5970 use air and way less juice or Crossfire HD 5870 and play everything above 60 FPS maxed out.

The GTX 480 is a BEAST but makes no sense as your gonna spend a bundle trying to keep your rig cool.