Ninety-Nine Nights II Gets a Release Date

Konami is pleased to announce to day the release date of Konami’s sequel to Ninety-Nine Nights for the XBOX 360.

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Christopher2818d ago

Anyway, grammar skills of the game site aside, I enjoyed the first game and if they fix the majority of the bugs from the first I'll likely pick this up at some time.

Christopher2818d ago

Sorry, but if you don't want anyone to comment on grammatical mistakes, don't make them.

MightyMark4272818d ago

there's a difference between a grammatical errors to a spelling or typo.

dangert122818d ago

the article is about telling use the date it comes out.
stop picking o peoples imperfections your not perfect.
you found out hat the article was givin

Christopher2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

The two posts above me are freaking hilarious. Thank you guys.

Here's the point...

1. There were grammatical errors, they've been fixed. Could have been typos, but those are still filed under grammatical errors when edited.

2. Call it nitpicking all you want, but these people get paid to write for a living. I expect a lot more out of someone who writes for a living and it pains me to see the majority of articles published on sites today.

3. I actually commented on the topic at hand. Something I can't say about the two people who decided to disagree with me commenting about the ability for the people we go to for news being able to publish grammatically correct articles.

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