Remedy 'betting the farm' on Alan Wake

CVG: "If this isn't a success we'll be selling hotdogs in Helsinki. Really," says dev.

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Teehee2993d ago

Define success, because if we take into account the development time + hype + the review scores, well...

....I'll take ketchup on mine.

Bnet3432993d ago

Reviews seem good enough. It's getting 8's and 9's. The only question is, can it sell. That's what they are waiting for. Sales.

Bnet3432993d ago

Well they said they want it to be a success, I'm pretty sure Remedy cares how well their game sells.

badz1492993d ago

Remedy and M$ care about sales the most! thus, if it isn't a success, they'll be SELLING hotdogs! - the keyword is SELLING!

rexus123452993d ago

6 years of development = a lot of debts
I think the current review score means they will probably break even, but most likely will not make them rich

Biggest2993d ago

Why are they begging for sales? Saying things like that trigger only a few feelings. The main feeling being sympathy. Desperation isn't a good look.

HolyOrangeCows2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I'm sure the transition to selling tubular pig butts won't be too much change for them.

Just kidding. It was just too easy to pass up.

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- Ghost of Sparta -2993d ago

It took them 6 years to make an 8 hour game with no replay value. Bad reviews is what they deserve for canceling the PC version.

kjordanreyna2993d ago

You probably meant they deserve bad reviews because they made a 'bad' game? otherwise canceling the PC version is definitely an automatic point off! ..maybe even two points off

- Ghost of Sparta -2993d ago

Alan Wake was announced as an open world game. Keep in mind that this was way back when they weren't even sure about a 360 port. Couple years go by, nothing to be known about the future of Alan Wake, and finally, they come out say: "Oh hi guys. There's only one version of this game now, and it's linear as lines, exclusively on 360. Thanks, bye."

Elven62993d ago

An 85 on MetaCritic is a bad score now?

Remedy claim the lack of an open world is more story driven, the open world didn't work with what they wanted Alan Wake to be.

Have you played the game? How can you say there is no replay value at all?

NamelessTed2993d ago

First of all, the game was announced for Xbox 360 and PC at the same time when they revealed the game during E3 2005.

Secondly, they may have initially said the game was going to be open world, but the first time they actually showed the game to people at E3 2009, it was set as a linear game. If you go back and look you will see that Remedy changed a lot about the game since its initial announcement. They changed what the main character looks like, they changed his motivation for coming to Bright Falls, they changed why he writes the book, they changed a lot of stuff.

Also, to complain about the length of the game is unjust. If your goal is to just run through the game as fast as you can on easy, then yes you can beat it in 8 hours. But if you actually play the game and explore the environments that you are in and allow the game to bring you in then it will be a better experience.

The game also does have some replay value. The Nightmare mode is much more difficult who enjoy a challenge will enjoy that. There are also certain pages of the manuscript that are only available in Nightmare. They may just sound like collection quests but the manuscript pages are actually enjoyable because it gives you the chance to read the book that he wrote.

Natsu X FairyTail2993d ago

Bad Reviews? 8s and 9s is Bad?

I guess we can say MODRacer is Bad and so is 3D heroes and Yakuza3

all those games scored 8s. Unless BAD dont apply to them because they're ps3 exclusives?

Natsu X FairyTail2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

(comment deleted) double post for sum reason.

-MD-2993d ago

Well said Natsu. Ghost, you're in the running for most ignorant person on this site.

Darkfocus2993d ago

but I beat God of War 3 in a similar time and it was still incredible and well worth the money so why can't alan wake be good too?

Biggest2993d ago

That was not well said by Natsu. First of all, there are no ModNations in Alan Wake. There are no heroes in 3D dots. And there are no Japanese gang members. To make the saying even worse we can talk about the hype. We can talk about the development time. We can talk about the length and replay value of the stated games. Natsu didn't say anything about those things. So it was not well said.

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talltony2993d ago

But will get it eventually.

Kassanova072993d ago

I was/am looking forward to playing it, however, a six hour game retailing full price after a five year development cycle will fail. The announced DLC gives more insult to the injury. I like my coneys with everything lol.

Kassanova072993d ago

I was hoping the new iteration would disclose individuals agreeing/disagreeing avatars.

Jedward-2993d ago

Looks like a bet that has gone belly up and i have multiple reviewers who share my statement.

GAM3R7l2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Post links, please. "Belly up" would indicate a bad review score....which means anything under 80%.

Natsu X FairyTail2993d ago

I guess 3Dheroes, yakuza3 and ModRacer are bad games. They all scored 8s.

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Christopher2993d ago

Alan Wake has the fortune of being on the 360 as an exclusive titles. 360 fans eat up exclusive titles like this like crazy. It'll likely sell a good 2 million in its first 2 months, if not more.

SonyOwnsNextYear2993d ago

its only a success if it sells 5 million in one day. Also, It doesnt have to push gaming into UNCHARTED territories, nor does it need to set a standard for which to measure future titles.

ThanatosDMC2992d ago

I'm sure it'll sell well if MS markets it like it's a Halo or Gears game.

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Raf1k12993d ago

This is kind of old news TBH. They're in kind of a make or break situation so I'm hoping it does really well. I don't want to see Remedy go under.

EVILDEAD3602993d ago

It takes 'borderland' ballzz to redirect your game that late in the process with a team as small as Remedy..after reading the story behind the's clear that Remedy has them..

I definately love the fact that they went for it and are standing behind their baby..

IGN even rated it higher than Heavy Rain which is a huge compliment to the pedigree of A.W...

I'm looking forward to diving into this game head first..but I honestly don't think the game is on the radar of anybody outside of the internet..and THAT is where AW may fail to garner the success sales wise that it deserves..

Only time will tell if Microsoft pulls out a 12th hour ad campaign that significantly boosts the public awareness and buzz of the title..

They will need it


UP2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

they recived the same score on ign.

and who ever agreed with him did not read his comment about ign raing alan wake higher then heavy rain which they did not or they are fanboys.

seriously guys read before you agree or disagree.

EVILDEAD3602993d ago

LMAO..Evil is DEAD wrong fellas..

Read the wrong link..IGN gave em' both 90s..Massive Fail X 1000!

Either way to be even 'tied' with Heavy Rain is as good as it gets in 2010..

Two completely different styles of game play and story telling..both obviously getting love from the best site out there

The 8.5s are coming after Geoff Keoughly broke the cardinal rule and added his two cents that he predicted the game would get an 85 meta while talk to HHG. IMO..complete and rare tainting of the process..

Just like Rain..Remedy got my money..



You are right.

If can only tag the comment from EVILDEAD360, with ''Comment with no sense'' would be appreciated

cmrbe2993d ago

Find out your facts first before you post. Otherwise it will make you look stupid if you don't.

Rhezin2993d ago

this game always looked pretty damn badass, makes me wish I had a 360 still. Just for this and Reach, maybe a little L4D action as well.

8thnightvolley2993d ago

just wait till later this year if the slim comes out with natal just get all the bundle...

offtopic.. cant wait to E3 to see what ms and sony has .. woop woop

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