Bulletstorm forgoes cover system

CVG: Epic Games' most famous franchise, Gears Of War, may be hugely reliant on its cover system - but they'll be no such mechanic in its new shooter Bulletstorm

As previously reported on CVG, it has an admirably ridiculous story - with a drunken space-based rivalry at its heart

However, those expecting a Gears-style cover-shoot-cover-shoot effort can think again

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Hellsvacancy2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I hav 2 admit, BulletStorms lookin SWEET!!! Epic hurry up and show sum gameplay - STAT

Christopher2818d ago

Not sure this is good for me. I much prefer a shooter with a good cover system over your typical stand around and shoot system.

We'll see, I guess.

NRG2818d ago

Good. Last thing I want is Painkiller meets Gears of War.

Gestalt2815d ago

Excellent. Then we won't have to worry about taking cover, just shooting things up.

Just as the game's name intended.

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