Rumour: Move Priced

TheSixthAxis write:
"Possibly the biggest stumbling block facing Sony and their upcoming Move device is how the company prices the motion controller add-on. Good news for gamers, however, as according to renowned bastion of hard facts, The Sun, Sony’s Wii-rival will hit shelves at the sweet spot of “about £45.” (€52)"

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NateNater2873d ago

That's not too bad. It's around $60. I'll get it as long as it isn't over $100.

zootang2873d ago

Sorry but i can't believe this as it is The Sun who is quoted.

Theonik2873d ago

Much agreed. i will wait for E3 for an accurate pricepoint on move before decided. same goes for natal.

Stinkinmushroom2873d ago

I guess that's without the eyetoy.

The full pack will be under 100 dollars (quote from Sony)... but not far from it i guess

Alcon Caper2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )


That plus the $60 for just one PSMove (w/out the nunchuck add-on) is $100.

I assume the nunchuck will be at least $25.00. Plus if you want another player (w/ nunchuck) that's an additional $85.00.

Bringing the grand total to $185.00 for two controllers. Don't be fooled folks...

Monkey5212873d ago

Wow, I assume you know the exact pricing for Move then? Cmon, you should know that most bundles don't add the separate costs together.....that would defeat the purpose of the bundle. And your math is flawed.... 40+60+25+85 does not equal 185, it equals 210. If you want to make a point, make sure you are right first.

Trroy2873d ago

There's a game included in the Move + Eye bundle, iirc. I would guess there will be several such bundles, with different games. If you throw a good game in there, the price becomes much more reasonable sounding.

Alcon Caper2873d ago

It's $210.00 for two move controllers and an Eye you're right.

That's much more reasonable :/

gaffyh2873d ago

Move + Game will be $60.

Move + PSEye + SubController = probably $99

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darkmurder2873d ago

Hopefully it'll be over $1000 along with Natal so we can forget about these motion control gimmicks.

XeroTrinity2873d ago

ill at least give it a chance...

Meryl2873d ago

you need to buy a bigger house for natal lol

MrJack2873d ago

Don't buy the Sun!

Justice for the 96 YNWA

-Alpha2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I want to see games situated around MOVE worth buying. If I can play it on a DS3 I don't see the need to buy it. Hardcore Move games will be the ultimate way for hardcore gamers to buy Move. E3 Can't come soon enough.


I've tried to picture Demon's Souls, but the damn navigator is incapable of motion, so you can't dual wield. And holding two wands doesn't work so you can't move or run around!

Maybe a Demon's Souls 2 will situate around motion control. I'm just disappointed that the Navigator wont have motion in it, it could have made things a lot better.

Theonik2873d ago

All i am hoping for is a decent swordplay game. maybe a game that focuses on general combat, swords, bows etc. It seems to me that controllers such as these were created for this sole purpose. Can't wait for E3.

Meryl2873d ago

they said they was looking at adding in motion for the navi, but they are making sure it does not interfere with the wand first, my guess is they will use six-axis on the navi (removing the need for a light on it)

zootang2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Theonik! Forget swordplay. God damn Lightsabers!!!!

vvvvvwuuuuuuuummmmmm! throw it in the air change color vvvwuuummm!

Theonik2873d ago

Yeah, that could prove an issue for some games. But i thin the second controller will be at lest as capable as the Wii's nanchuck so they would be able to simulate a shield on it. (since it wouldn't take much precision) What i am more disappointed in is the removal of the analogue stick from the main controller. Had they kept it there it would make using move in a dual main controller arrangement more practical.
I just pictured an augmented reality Jedi duel game. One player would use a red move controller and the other a blue one. The fact move has a camera would allow you to have yourself wih a lightsaber on screen. That would work and i am willing to bet would sell like hotcakes.

zootang2873d ago


Red and green my friend. Well it doesn't matter anyway because the color of the ball changes

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El Botto2873d ago

PSMOVE will stun at E3. Mark my words. It will stun the crowd, stun the competition, stun the developers and make a lot of people cry out of joy while others will cry out of sadness and frustration.

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NYC_Gamer2873d ago

this move package shouldnt cost no more than 60 bucks...

SuperStrokey11232873d ago

Why "shouldnt" it? Just wondering what logic you have for it. If its for market penetration sure i agree but besides that what else?

HxCGamer2873d ago

well isn't that the main reason really, just market penetration... other reasons are really not needed

BannedForNineYears2873d ago

Why'd SuperStrokey get a disagree? It's a fair question to ask.
Considering the PS3 DS controller is 59.99...
This should be around 80 considering it's a very precise motion device with all the gyro sensors inside.
It's not a cheap thing to produce.
80 dollars for the controllers alone seems reasonable.
But then again, you'll have to get the camera as well.
Surely it won't come with one.

SuperStrokey11232873d ago

They could be disagreeing with the market penetration being the reason. Other than that i get lots of disagrees for some reason on things that are not really agree/disagree things. Doesnt really matter. To each their own right?

ThatCanadianGuy2873d ago

I wonder if that's Per-each move controller or a controller/camera bundle?
If they come out with a Move controller, navigator controller and PS Eye bundle for, lets say around $100,i'll be getting it for sure.

leeger2873d ago

I hope there's a bundle that includes 2 move controllers, 2 navigator controller and a ps eye for less than $100. i can dream right? hehe

whylocojay2873d ago

Sounds sweet now I can MOVE to the music can you hear it...

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