Critical Gamer: 3D Dot Game Heroes review

Critical Gamer writes: The king of a 2D kingdom turns it into a 3D kingdom, hoping to increase its popularity. Lots of monsters appear, an ancient evil is suspected to have reared its head once again, and a hero – you, of course – appears to set things right. Cue a game armed with charming and refreshingly retro art that parodies and celebrates old skool RPGS in equal measure.

Ah yes, that art style. In keeping with the plot a world of pixels has been dragged into the third dimension; character and scenery designs are appropriately blocky and simple, and everything is unashamedly colourful. It looks as though a very talented child has constructed a fantasy world from Lego. Tiny little blocks are spilled when you deal damage or destroy something, which is a nice little touch (and may well cause women to say ‘aaah’).

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scruffy_bear2969d ago

Can't wait to get 3D Dot Game Heroes next week :)

DRUDOG2968d ago

Looks very solid. A lot of 8 and 9 reviews and it's only $40. Not sure if it's day 1 for me, but I'll definitely be picking this up at some point.

TheHater2969d ago

but I will not be able to play this game until next month the 13 :(
Too much school work right now. Getting this game will just consume all my time.

rroded2969d ago

lets hope they got it here in canada on the 8th eh

scruffy_bear2969d ago

I hate to have to wait any longer

spunnups2968d ago

Just pre-ordered 3D Dot, Red Dead Redemption, and ModNation Racers off Amazon Today. Can't Wait.

-Alpha2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I want all three of those yet can't even afford one at the moment. I hate you.

I think I've convinced someone else to get MNR though, so I'll likely get RDR. Have to put off 3D Dot it seems.

BannedForNineYears2968d ago

Happen to have an extra 160 dollars for me? :D

akiraburn2968d ago

Same here man. I pre-ordered ModNation when they added the $10 credit, I grabbed RDR when they bumped it up to a $20 credit, and 3D Dot Game Heroes I pre-ordered a long while ago. In the meantime awaiting 3D Dot Game Heroes, I've been browsing around their site, checking out everything about the game that they've shown so far.

Anyone else that's digging this game and wants to know or see more should swing over to http://www.3ddotgameheroes.... and check it all out. There's quite a lot of stuff in the game I didn't know about before heading there, like the mini-games they have built in. I'm really stoked for this one!

zoks3102968d ago

Just a few more days and this game is all mine, tehe...

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The story is too old to be commented.