Final Fantasy IX Coming Soon to PlayStation Store

Ami Blaire // Vice President of Marketing, Square Enix writes: "Following up to the fan favorite release of FFVII and FFVIII, PS3 and PSP owners will have a new and exciting opportunity to immerse themselves, once again, into the world of Final Fantasy."
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zoks3102968d ago

Well this will be the last FF port from the PSX generation next up is FFX and we all know what that means.. right?

Godmars2902968d ago

So they're putting out the US version around the same time as the JP one? About time.

borisfett2967d ago

Definitely great news. This is the one Final Fantasy over any other that I have been waiting to see released! Can't wait!

Kira832967d ago

bet thier waiting for E3 like they did with FF7. Looking forward to playing it again.

TheTwelve2967d ago

This is my girl's favorite FF of all time. It's certainly more "disciplined" in terms of combat, story tightness, summon use and item strength than FF 7 + 8 but I must say I enjoyed 7+8 more than this one.

That being said, it's more replay-able than 8 in my opinion, but nothing tops 7.


LinuxGuru2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I would rather have VIII, tyvm

-MD-2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Isn't 8 already available? IX is one of if not the best Final Fantasy games.

Marceles2967d ago

I wouldn't put IX in the top 3 best FFs, but that's only because I think it came out at a time when Square ran out of new ideas and just went back to basics. But still just because it does remind me of the older FFs I liked it a lot.

LinuxGuru2967d ago

If VIII is available already, I sure didn't know lol.

-MD-2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Taken from the wiki

"The game became available on PlayStation Network as a PSone Classics title in Japan on September 24, 2009, in the US on December 17, 2009, and in Europe on February 4, 2010."

Denethor_II2967d ago

Yeah 8 is already available WTF?

Relientk772967d ago

FFVIII is available on the PSN

LinuxGuru2967d ago

Oh snap, well Imma buy it then! lol

webeblazing2967d ago

thats is one of the reasons i say psn is better then live the games they put on it

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Relientk772967d ago

This is good news considering I believe this to be one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time and one of the most underrated

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The story is too old to be commented.