Bethesda: Doom 4, Rage will show id’s “true potential”

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has said that id’s “true potential” will be shown soon, thanks in part to Doom 4 and Rage.

Speaking with MCV, he said having the studio under the Bethesda family is a “tremendous advantage”.

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Tempist2878d ago

If they're doing Doom 4, hopefully they make it better than Doom 3. Yeah Doom 3 was interesting, but it got predicable after about an hour. Amorm or in a dark corner, trap. Ammo in the middle of a room, trap.

Original Doom alway seemed like an impossible situation, not an endless number of enemies jumping at you from the shadows.

spandexxking2877d ago

original doom still had traps though. pick up a a keycard, trap!
but i get you, doom 1 was about being knee-deep in the dead whilst doom 3 was a fashlight simulator

Tempist2877d ago

It was a good flash light simulator. If only UAC sent Mars some tape... and more than one flash light. It was a good try, but they need to try harder in Doom 4.

PS360WII2877d ago

Yeah I'm already sold on Rage. It's kind of strange that id has to show it's true potential when they kick butt already

predator2877d ago

alrite dude long time no speak how ya been, nyway completly agree

ruiner44822876d ago

Q4 was a big let down, and like others said Doom3 was ok. They haven't released a game that was awesome since Q3A and most of the success of Q3A was all the mods it got.

I want impossible situations again! Hordes and hordes of enemies coming at me, god that would be awesome.