The White Knight Chronicle – New Quests for May 6th

PS3Attitude: This week in White Knight Chronicles there are four new quests to explore. You know the adventure is going to be epic when you have to travel to the Theater of the Gods.

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Chris3992874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Especially considering all the free quests and extensive support. It's like getting free DLC. I'm at about 150 hours now with no signs of slowing down. If that isn't value, I don't know what is.

With the exception of Eurogamer's import review, I don't see how any of the reviewers even did their jobs correctly when the NA servers weren't live till launch day and the majority of this game (the real meat of it) is played online.

Edit: @ below. Yeah the PS3 attitude review and ongoing coverage of this delightful title has been stellar! Keep up the good work! ;)

Delriach2874d ago

I agree that the game is underrated. I have about 110 hours clocked in, although I haven't played it as much as I've wanted to lately.

Not trying to advertise my review, but the WKC review at PS3Attitude goes pretty indepth and it's a game that I recommend. Of course, that doesn't really matter anymore since you already know you like the game ;)

TheHater2874d ago

The IGN review (Ryan Clements) even said he didn't play the online and rush through the review on their podcast and in his review of WKC. If this game had Final Fantasy in the title, it was have gotten scores of 8+ everywhere.

hatchimatchi2874d ago

Yea, I like the ign ps3 team but clements comes off as an elitist. WKC is a great game, I can understand completely why some people might not enjoy it, but clements gave it what, a 4.3? That's insane, this game should get nothing less than a 7/10. Me personally, I don't follow reviews but most people do and a game that scores in the 4's from a big name site will turn away thousands of possible purchases. I really hope WKC sold enough to warrant the sequel being released stateside and in europe.

vicheous2874d ago

I have not even started this game yet! But it's in my collection... I think i'll have something to do this summer with this. Summer is always slow on games.

remanutd552874d ago

beat it already , loved it , cant wait for White Knight Chronicles 2 !!!! i hope level 5 and sony dont take too long to bring the game to the west

Delriach2874d ago

Indeed. I'm hoping that they did some localization on the second game at the same time as the first to speed up the process. I mean, it took a little over a year to release the international version. I'd like to think that they were multitasking to make things go smoother for the sequel.

Redempteur2874d ago

60 hours in ...stopped because ff13 far no problem with the game ..Especially online with the numerous variant we have in a simple quest ...

Gamefan122874d ago

my problem was time .. don' thave time and too many games out there to play

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