IGN UK: ModNation Racers Review

ModNation Racers isn't just a competent kart racer, it's a very good one with an innovative strategic twist. Its player creation features aren't doomed to be ignored; they're enticing, accessible and well-presented enough to really feel integral to the game, rather than an accomplished but ultimately pointless time-sink for dedicated players only. It's the best kart-racing game we've played in a very long while, and one of the first that shows its own personality rather than piggybacking off popular characters or aping the kings of the genre – and the excellent customisation features help to make a good thing even better.

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sikbeta2849d ago

Awesome Score, Day [ONE]

mightydog12849d ago

Day 1 purchase,I played in the close beta loved it then. the modding its mind blowing and creating tracks goner give modnation racer many years of fun and a game i will keep in my collection....see you in mod spot

Darkfiber2849d ago

Really? This piece of crap got a 9/10? Oh well, not like anyone will actually buy it. Sony needs to stop making crappy kid games and realize their audience is the exact opposite of the Wii audience.

Slimshadyn2849d ago

Remind me if i'm wrong but didn't LBP sell a few million copies and win dozens of awards. Last I checked there were a few million user level too. Oh and I believe it has a metascore of 95. And I thought ps3 owners didn't like stupid kid games. Oh and can't wait screw over some people on the last lap, can't wait. :)