Bethesda: New Vegas Will Outsell Fallout 3

GamerZines: Bethesda's Pete Hines has fanned the flames of hype surrounding Fallout: New Vegas by stating that the forthcoming sequel will outsell its predecessor.

"Based on what we're seeing so far from the response at retail and from gamers, we expect New Vegas to do even better than Fallout 3," said the publisher's global VP of PR.

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vhero2817d ago

Of course it will as they probably wont do an exclusive deal on this one which will kill the sales like with fallout 3. That DLC deal killed the PS3 sales which sucked for them as most the people I know who were huge fallout fans only owned a PS3. There PC's weren't powerful to run the PC version..

PS360WII2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

I don't think the DLC was the big issue as when it did finally come out people where still surprised that it was only on 360 at the time.

Though I think it is safe to say that New Vegas will outsell Fallout 3 because it made a new fanbase that has a loud voice telling other people to play the game.

By the way everyone should play Fallout 3 :)

jakethesnake2817d ago

Broken steel shouldn't have been exclusive because it fixed such a lackluster ending. I don't know how much it hurt it, but it didn't help!

mirroredderorrim2817d ago

Can't wait to get this for the PC and PS3. New Vegas... here goes another one thousand+ hours.