July's European PSN Store offerings - Heavenly Sword demo and more

According to PS3Fanboy, European PS3 owners should be expecting quite a fat update to the PSN Store this month including a demo for the highly anticipated game Heavenly Sword. Click the link to see more additions scheduled to be coming.

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jromao3999d ago

This is great news, this Demo is needed asap. Along with Lair and DIRT Demos will be perfect in next weeks, it will give gamers a hot summer untill games hit the stores.

Scions Wrath3999d ago

I look very forward to Heavenly sword - destined to become one awesome game. Only on PS3!

hazeblaze3999d ago

I don't think we'll be getting a Lair demo this month. The devs said it might be post launch of the game... and I don't mind, I just want them to concentrate on getting the finished game out.

But this is great news for HS! Hopefully we get the demo in the US store too... so I don't have to create yet another account :-)

EZCheez3999d ago

If you're going to showcase a game like Lair, then you want people to know how good it is BEFORE it is released. I think there is a connection between the Ninja Gaiden Sigma sales and the pre-game demo on PSN. Had it not been for the demo, I doubt sales would have been strong so early on. I am not knocking the game at all (because it is fantastic) but there is no stronger seller for a game than the game itself.

BTW-I guess i'll have to start a Euro account to get myself a demo.

fenderputty3999d ago

store will get it. If not, I'll have to make an EU account.

hotshot12373999d ago

and cnat wait 4 heavenly sword

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The story is too old to be commented.