GFB: NLL Lacrosse 2010 for Xbox 360 Review

Kenny Kramer writes: "Fans of lacrosse have had a rough ride in terms of the sport’s exposure to casual and new fans as well as acceptance of the official major league of lacrosse (NLL). You’re almost more likely to see Halley's Comet than hear anything about a videogame being based on the popular sport. In Canada, the sport has a great following as the official summer sport to give hockey fans something to do on grass. In the US however, the sport has been slow to catch on, but is growing in popularity with deep roots in hockey towns and the suburbs. Thankfully for those lacrosse supporters who own an Xbox 360, we now have NLL Lacrosse 2010 presented by Reebok. Think of it as a major release in a small package."

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