PS3 Cell = 4-5 times faster than 2xQUAD CPU single percision, about 1.5 x faster @ Dp

What it's essentially saying is that a single SPU is 50% faster than a 3Ghz Core2 at DP FLOPS despite the fact that the Core 2 has about 4-5x higher theoretical peak and a similar transistor count advantage...

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CNIVEK3963d ago

This must be why the PS3 can't even manage 60 fps on a football game, and the 3-core 360 does so consistently. :o

SmokeyMcBear3963d ago

hmmm.. i thought it was the software programming that made those things available... ahhh silly me

sony fan3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )
yay, our computer can crunch numbers. Sometimes though, I kinda wish it could play games.
Oh no RISK my fellow sony fan you have embarresed us both!!!really, computers use numbers? Thanks fellow sony follower. Maybe we should have thought about graphics processors and memory support so our machine would be more than a calculator but rather, put images on the screen that look good like a "game machine", just a thought. I bought mine thinking it would have memory for graphics I'm glad your happy with a calculator though. YOU MUST HAVE JUST FORGOT ABOUT HOW VIDEO GAME MACHINES NEED TO DISPLAY IMAGES thats ok. But you do realize that your statment below there is completeyl false RIGHT? People agreed with you is what makes it sad.

risk3963d ago

every computer executes programs in binary, which is numbers, so ur statement "yay, our computer can crunch numbers. Sometimes though, I kinda wish it could play games." is acctually false, as everything is crunching numbers to a computer. it does not understand english.

The General3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

"PS3 Cell = 4-5 times faster than 2xQUAD CPU single percision, about 1.5 x faster @ Dp" + Blu-ray + Standard Harddrive + Wifi + Sixaxis+ Rsx + Me = KILLZONE 2

Guy's the power of the Ps3 has already been proven at E3. Ps3 had the best looking games of all the consoles. Halo 3 looked garbage, Mass effect was OK at best, Too Human was garbage, Project Gotham 4 = 30fps. I mean come on. Compared to even Lair, the Graphics of every other game on the Xbox 360 looks like something i drew in 1st grade.

And let me not even get started on Heavenly Sword, Gran Turismo, Drakes Fortune, Motorstorm, ***"Metal Gear Solid 4"*** and etc. etc, and etc. All these games compared to what 360 has out in 2 years except Gears is really just phenomenal. And even more amazing is that the ps3 has only been out since last November--Less than a year? and it took a Year to Achieve Gears of War but it takes less than a year to achieve Unreal Tournament on the Ps3, which is much better than Gears.

Wow, the Ps3 is a monster and all Devs, biased and unbiased, will realize is really capable of ushering the new generation of HD gaming.

You can talk about ports all you want, but How many games from the 360 can even compare to all the games of the ps3 that aren't ports? Halo 3? Nothing but Hype. Killzone 2, nothing but the future.

Killzone 2 for the Win Baby!

jromao3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

The 60 fps rate are achieved due to the game engine used and how the Devs program the SGM (scene graph management), so, if any game in PS3 aren't using 60 fps is because that developers don't have yet the skills needed or because they did the game for 360 and then ported to PS3 and we have a few games like that.

With time Devs are getting into Cell "secrets" and gamers start to get even more quality and fps rates.

andthensum3963d ago

More devs have had more experience with the 360, so the ports will look the same or better on the 360 until the devs familiarize themselves with the ps3. Then when that happens, more Ps3 games will be ported to the 360 for the sake of making the best game possible without sacrificing quality and features do to xbox 360's lack of a standard hard drive and Dvd9. Think about what you can do with a standard hard drive, Ps3 cell + Rsx, which are both capable of rendering graphics, and Blu-ray. The Ps3 has an arsenal and by 2008 and 2009, xbox 360 will be nothing compared to the PS3's power. Great words of wisdom General, Ps3 FTW.

nasim3963d ago

IBM's offcial documnetation here


this is madness

This is why factor 5 said that "Cell has no limit"

NGS runs at 1080p at 60fps
RR7 runs at 1080p at 60fps.

bribes and dirty marketing can buy exclusive content for GTA 4 and grabage 360 footabll games run at 30 fps on ps3!!!!!!!!!!

but bribes cant win FF13/MGS4.

bribes cant change the fact that ps3 is 10x more powerful than x360.
KILLZONE 2 kills all x360 games out there

peksi3963d ago

The idea in that article is very true. But to be fair one can say that same kind of optimization will happen with 360 also.

But how much can be squeezed outta each system remains to be seen. As a guess I'd say PS3 has more potential because of it's parallel nature - which makes the optimization more difficult and therefore can be assumed to be at an early stage at the moment.

i Shank u3963d ago

come on take off the damn sony glasses. you sony fans keep agreeing with each other going KIllzone FTW! PS3 FTW!! wtf is that crap I swear to Jesus Christ Almighty i didnt act like that when i was 7 saying how mario was better then sonic. at least then i was a 7 year old kid arguing about which game was better; you all like all the games on 1 system and crap all over the other systems games saying "boohoohoo those games are CRAP! my system has CELL powers and RSX supercharger with XENON exhaust and RROD rims lolz my stuff FTW!" both consoles are good, try playing them

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Captain Tuttle3963d ago

The PS3 forums. There's an unbiased source for news.

sadiq3963d ago

its a very reliable source, its full of xbox 360 ppl as well as ps3 ppl

Odion3963d ago

i love how so random dude just makes up conclusion on hardware he really knows nothing about.

i Shank u3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

love how the "NEWS" is actually anonymous fans going back and forth on a web forum. tite

sony fan3963d ago

Actually they can't do 60FPS because of the memory contraints on PS3, instead of graphics renders staying available through memory they have to program the SPE's to keep re-rendering them , this is why it is more difficult to program in order to match 360 and very hard for a smooth 60FPS.

DJ3963d ago

the RSX GPU renders the frames, not the SPUs. The SPUs calculate geometry, lighting, and set up the frames for RSX. Most of the framerate problems we've seen are in 360 titles anyway, so your argument is mute. Hell, even Gears of War has an inconsistent framerate.