Black Box On “Adult-Themed” Designs In Skate 3

Skate 3 developer Black Box has addressed the issue of “adult-themed” designs in Skate 3.

Now we all know that with the freedom to customise comes the freedom to be hopelessly puerile and, with Skate 3 featuring a wealth of customisation options (including a logo-design system), we quizzed Black Box on the prospect of inappropriate logos being uploaded to the community.

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Djorgo2995d ago

See, I like non-PC stuff in games. If you can blame the users, that's awesome, keeping the developers out of the crosshairs from moralists, and lets people enjoy a more free time.

Fyzzu2995d ago

I always do this - although usually just to see if I can. I actually try to come up with someone that doesn't look like genitalia after messing about for awhile :p

Maticus2994d ago

It's bound to happen really. I can guess what the majority of images will be.