200 People Working On Bungie Title

The dust has hardly settled since the announcement of the Activision/Bungie partnership, however it seems the studio is gearing up quickly once Halo: Reach is out of the way.

Divulging the grandiose plans put in place for the 10-year deal, Activision's Bobby Kotick revealed that a big team is currently being amassed to work on the project.

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Noctis Aftermath2994d ago

Most likely an MMOFPS, and if it is that is pretty disappointing.

SixZeroFour2994d ago

how so? ive always wanted to play an mmofps...APB is the closest, but thats third person (mainly so you can see the character you put so much emphasis on) i would have definitely like APB more if it was an FPS only cause personally i like first person perspective more over third person perspective cause its like your in the characters shoes...this does sound like its some kind of mmo open world game however and that alone is interesting

SixZeroFour2994d ago

how many ppl are working on halo reach? and on top of that, how many ppl do bungie even have?

Hellsvacancy2994d ago

Thats an insane number of people 4 1 game, it must b a big game

How many peeps worked on KillZone 2?

gtamike1232994d ago

Alot because the end credits were damn long XD

modest-genius2994d ago

The number of people who will work on the game is not surprising, with Activision's recoursces and Bungies name this 200 figure is to be expected.

To put it into better perspective than the article did, at it's development peak, 200 people were working on MGS4.

What is more surprising is if these 200 people were working on the game as we speak, instead of Reach.