PS3 60 Gig Phase-Out 'False' Says SCEA

SCEA has denied 'inaccurate' reports that its $100 price cut on the 60Gig PS3 is simply a move to clear stock before offering solely the higher priced 80Gig version.

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Bigmac5734021d ago

Sony almost screwed the pooch, thank God they fixed this.

coolmatrix4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Seagate is changing their manufacturing of HDD

So now PS3 is moving along with the 80GB.

Additionally, Seagate has the 120GB and the 160GB.

Just relax. Get your PS3, your online ID and move right ALONG!!!

PS3 is a PS3 is a PS3. Only difference is the HDD...MOVE ALONG!!

BS682804021d ago

Isn't TGS in September, because if it is here is what i think. The 80gig will come out this August but the 60gig will be the one selling like mad. In September the 60gigs will be almost gone if not gone and then at the TGS they will announce that the 80gig will take over at the $499 price or maybe lower, and will now ship with the new controller.

renegade4021d ago

ok... this just was a bad move

ENNO4021d ago

yeh they also denied that the price drop was gonna heppen now look where they are...and i thought you got banned big mac...go play on the highway [email protected]!!

SWORDF1SH4021d ago

... have always done is never announce anything to the last minute. which business wise is pretty smart. why would they admit a price cut so then ms could counteract to there move. thats also why they kept home under cover for ages. if ms knew what they was doing they would of had more time to do something to counteract against it.

EZCheez4021d ago

WHO said the price cut was false. It was the President of SCE Japan, where there was no price cut. No one was lying about anything, but none of the right people were opening their mouths either.

drtysouf214021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

News. Glad they put a stop to this really soon.

They say its false on the Playstation.Blog also.

fenderputty4021d ago

Sony lied about the price cut. They have to lie though, otherwise people will just wait. Who knows. If true, maybe the didn't screw the pooch after all.

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The story is too old to be commented.