ModNation dev ponders weapons DLC

CVG: United Front Games is considering adding new weapons to its PS3 exclusive via DLC, it's told CVG

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Christopher2968d ago

That is the potential for ModNation Racers over the old Mario Kart... it can be expanded on and made exponentially better via DLC.

I'm thinking Nintendo will be coming out with a new Mario Kart to match this, though.

redDevil872968d ago

make it free though :D

I was in the Beta. The weapons were fun but they needed more variety. I noticed in the feedback forum that a lot of people were also saying "more weapons would be nice."

Nice to know they're thinking about it.

mightydog12968d ago

As long as they keep adding more features and content then its going to be great for the game as well as us gamers....IGN uk gave mod racers 9/10

claterz2968d ago

Would be cool if it was free lol, otherwise some people would have an advantage over the people who didn't wanna pay for the dlc (like me).
Although if the game already has a strong variety of weapons at launch then I don't think people would mind.

tiamat52968d ago

Yes that might be for the best.Making more weapons will add to the fun.