Activision: Why we fired Infinity Ward bosses

Activision has explained why it decided to go ahead with the high-profile sacking of Infinity Ward's bosses.

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Elvfam5112997d ago

Does anybody really know how they breach the contract?

NeoBasch2997d ago

They mention the appeal they filed back in April. I'm a little busy to do some digging right now, but hopefully that gets you started.

Christopher2997d ago

It really doesn't matter why they fired the two guys. For the majority of the gaming public, it was all about the money and the only way they'd prove otherwise to the gaming community is if they showed us a long history of discussions into these guys actually trying to break their contract with Activision.

As it is, this came out of nowhere and the biggest losers here are Activision and the gamers for losing the people who made the best selling CoD games.

NeoBasch2997d ago

I agree, but, at the same time, I believe they had their reasons. They would look like fools filing a case without any more objective basis. I feel sorry for the two execs, but I'm under the impression that we're not getting the whole story. Therefore, I'm on no one's side. I'm waiting for that long *** history of discussions. ;)

NeoBasch2997d ago

Granted, this could have been an excuse. Regardless though, it was probably one of the hardest decisions the company has ever made. Kudos to standing up for what they believe in, if in fact they are telling the truth.

Hidden Star2997d ago

So basically, the two IW bosses breached their contract? If that's true then they have to pay the consequences I guess. I'm not sure if I believe it but it could be true. I mean MW2 was a great commercial success so unless they did something wrong - then there is no need to fire them.

karlowma2997d ago

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I hate mega-corporations, but I have to side with Acti on this one. This is not the first time Zampala and West felt they were bigger than the industry.