Alan Wake review (Resolution Magazine)

Resolution Magazine: Alan Wake emerges as a game that attempts so much yet achieves comparatively little. Although the interplay of light and dark is innovative, there is not much here to change the genre or move it forward. This is a game with so much weight on its shoulders, but Remedy seems to have been struggling under such the strain.

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ThatCanadianGuy2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Seems to be a real hit or miss with the critics.It's strange tho..i mean, i didn't expect the game to get perfect scores all around but i figured they would all hit around the 9 - 9.5 mark.

Shouldn't really matter tho, people have been waiting on this for years and no amount of bad reviews will stop them from enjoying it.Hell, heavy rain had some mixed reviews but i freakin love that game.

Pennywise2851d ago

Yeah 6-10 seems like a wide range of scores. Not sure how one reviewer can think the game is close to perfect and the next be one point away from 5/10. Just another love it or hate it title, I guess.

NeoBasch2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Exactly, it's the hype machine. Critics compare it to the hype rather than enjoying the experience. At most user aggregates, Heavy Rain is within the Top 5 of the year. For critics, Top 15. There's definitely a difference there. Mainly, I think it's because critics find it difficult to gauge user reaction for games like these. They're tricky. So they're reviews are often way off the mark. I expect much the same for Alan Wake.

FordGTGuy2851d ago

Game has a lot of 9s and at the same time 7s & 6s seems to be about the same that happened to Heavy Rain. Won't stop me from picking the game up and enjoying it though.

dangert122851d ago

already pre orderer the limited collectors edition ^_^ can't wait =)

GameOn2851d ago

Well I will get to make my own decision next week but some of the reviews so far seem a bit too low to believe.

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