Brand New Fallout 3 Screenshots

Bethesda just sent over these three brand new Fallout 3 screenshots - check 'em out.

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MK_Red3933d ago

Awesome find TnS. I dont know how to thanks you. Fallout 3 and MK8 are the games that I'd die to see more of (They are both my number 1 faves!).
Awesome bloody screens. Hope they show some footage soon.

TnS3933d ago

You are welcome. :)

MK_Red3933d ago

Thanks again.
They have quite worked on character faces to improve Oblivion ones. While I still fear that they kinda look like Oblivion, my biggest concern are the super mutants who instead of Hulk look from Fallout 1&2 , seem to be super Orcs or something.

But the blood/gore effects and interior design of vault are awesome. I'm ragaining my hope but still fear the 20 level cap.

i Shank u3933d ago

MK when i saw they used the oblivion engine for this, i thought wtf? also. but i gotta give them credit it looks alot more detailed and all that then oblivion did. still seems lame that tons of games nowadays use same grphx engines that get "retooled" for the game

Premonition3933d ago

This game looks nice and who is that Chuck norris? Still alive in the future to kick some butt.

Bloodmask3933d ago

The game looks good. Bethesda always delivers too. No worries here.

And yes, that does look like Chuch Norris, I wander if they incorporated his Power Glide cardio machine.

Daxx3933d ago

I wonder how big Fallout 3's world is going to be.

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