10° Alpha Protocol Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes:

"Call me old fashioned, but I’ve always thought that if you’re gainfully employed as a spy – by a government, private security agency, or even some form of business – then your actual workload should largely consist of… well, spying. If you act like the office clown to the point that your boss hates you; if you attempt to sneak your way into a terrorist base by arguing that no, you’re not an American secret agent – you’re actually a Canadian; if most of your espionage work consists of running around like a maniac, unloading a shotgun into the face of the nearest security guard…. if you do these things, I don’t know what you are – but you’re certainly not a spy, in the traditional sense."

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hatchimatchi2907d ago

This game sounds really cool. Hopefully it doesn't get compared to ME2 and gets treated fairly come review time. I might have to pick this one up.

PirateThom2907d ago

I've really been looking forward to this one. I have faith it will, at least, be decent.

predator2907d ago

Im hoping this is good, so far it seems it will

PS360WII2907d ago

I'm sure it'll be compared to ME and Fallout just for the fact it's not your normal leveling up rpg game.

I like that you could go guns ablazing, charmer, sneaky, hacker, or not kill anyone. The grey area of morality could be pretty neat if it's true. I've heard that before and it still turns into a good or bad thing.

The 32 endings thing though I'm not so sure about. Heavy Rain was said to have 18 which is does have 18 epilogues but you see those 18 in 7 different endings. Still a good amount of endings but it's not 18 you know...? small problem yes :)

stuntman_mike2906d ago

i just hope the actual gaming mechanics work (like shooting and hand to hand combat) don't end up being a clunky mess. the main character looks very bland and the dress up stuff looks quiet ridiculous.

but its different from most out there and i am looking forward to it.