Kotick: CoD Black Ops will 'surprise' fans

Activision CEO, president and director, Bobby Kotick, has said he expects this year's Call of Duty: Black Ops from Treyarch to surprise the franchise's fan base.

Commenting on the future of the franchise, Kotick said: "As a preview into this exciting future, expect additional exciting content for Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops that will surprise our millions of players."

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Cajun Chicken2970d ago

Yes, Because it'll probably use the same engine from the last 3 entries of the franchise in the last 3 or so years as made by Infinity Ward, and have exactly the same overhyped multiplayer packed with it.

D4RkNIKON2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

@Cajun I also assume that it will be on the COD4 engine that was used for WaW and MW2. That would be lame and also expected.

Kotick, shut it before you change my mind about buying this one. Let the game speak for itself, if it will 'surprise' fans then it should do so without you needing to tell us.

FACTUAL evidence2969d ago

I'm so sick of COD it's not even funny......and did you guys see the stimulus map packs for MW2?....Might as well go play cod4...I'm tired of all this activision milking. For now on I'm only going to borrow their COD games, no more money from this guy.

-Alpha2969d ago

No, he said it would SURPRISE us.

CyberCam2969d ago

He probably means we'll be surprised by the price they'll charge their millions of fans!

STONEY42969d ago

I actually wouldn't be suprised if they charged $70 for the consoles and $60 again for PC.

Therealspy032969d ago

if they raise it to 70 and people pay it, i will have lost all hope for gamers. every game will go up to 70.

17 million people have already sent the msg that you can repackage the same turd and make tons of money, if they now send the msg that you can repackage a turd then charge more for it, we'll all be screwed.

UnwanteDreamz2969d ago

I think sales of the next COD are going to surprise Activision. I think the COD games have peaked. I don't see them ever doing as well as they already have. Just my opinion and it might be wishful thinking on my part.

BattleAxe2969d ago

Just because its the same engine, doesn't mean it will be a bad game. CoD: WaW was a great game and I'll be looking forward to the Vietkong Zombies in CoD:Black Ops.

CyberCam2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

What does Bobby Kotex know about gaming? I've never heard of him ever gaming or talking about a game from a first person perspective (so to speak). I've only ever heard him talk about profits & making the business of developing games not fun.

My question to him would be "have you played the pre-alpha/beta/demo yet?"

Sorry, but I can't take the word of a man that's not a gamer nor a developer!

MisterNiwa2969d ago

He would answer your question with:

'No, I don't play Games, I sell them. But it will suprise you.'

princejb1342969d ago

if its based on one of them history era such as vietnam or ww2, ww1, etc. i wont be buying
im not into them old guns

Serjikal_Strike2969d ago

the surprise will be that this Special Edition will be $199.99

nycredude2969d ago

Fvck you Activision! I bought my last COD game and I am avoiding Activision games as much as possible from now on.

WTF happened to N4g? I went on vacation one week and it's completely different! WTF happened to my bubbles?!

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DigitalAnalog2969d ago

Hahaha, the only one that would be surprised would be Bobby Kotick who in turn will find out this game will not sell as great as the previous installments.

If NOT, then I have lost all hope for the gaming community.

-End statement

kaveti66162969d ago

MW2 either has or soon will reach 20 million copies sold.

And there is no indication at all that gamers are fed up. We can already surmise that Treyarch's COD will not sell as well as Infinity Wards, but I think it will still get 10 million plus sales.

ExgamerLegends22969d ago

No one's gonna be surprised Kotick. We're all anticipating it be generic with an outrageously stupid collectors edition and possibly online subscription.

Raz2969d ago

The CoD franchise is dead, and while I doubt it will rest peacefully (it'll probably take a couple of big flops before Kotick gets the message); I'm quite happy to kiss it goodbye. Along with the legions of rabid, slavering 14-year-olds who mindlessly shoot their allies while spewing verbal diarrhea and cackling hysterically.

If anyone wants me, I'll be on the Battlefield with the rest of Bad Company 2.

Mr Tretton2969d ago

I don't why this guy even speaks. Shut up and count your money.

Kratos Spartan2969d ago

I'm sure some of that money you want him to count once belonged to you.

MegaPowa2969d ago

And I'm pretty sure Mr.Tretton does the same exact thing. -_-

badz1492969d ago

everything will be a surprise! his christmas has another name - CoD!

mittwaffen2969d ago

I need to plug Kotick from spewing this BS around town.

UnwanteDreamz2969d ago

You are gonna need 2 cause this guy talks out of his ass as well.

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