GT Exclusive - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Trailer

Exclusive The Good Life Trailer HD
GT writes "Live it up while you can with nice cars, women and cosmetic surgery in Test Drive Unlimited 2."

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SKCShifty2874d ago

What a awful looking game i'll pass.

Whiteford882874d ago

I agree with #2
Bloody awful looking game, why would you release this when you know GT5 is coming out, especially when your graphics don't even register on the scale of it..

Death sentence in my opinion. Good luck with that game guys lol

B-Real2062874d ago

I'm slightly interested in this game, it's a different type of racing game, and I really don't see them even trying to compete with GT5. From what I've read it's more like a arcadey racer with mmo/home type elements.

I like racers and if all where the same it would get boring,I'm getting ModNation Racers and GT5 when they drop but I still think there could be room on my shelf for this one.

Gotta keep an open mind!