Capcom profit plunges 73%

Capcom reported "sluggish financial results" for the year ended March 31 as game sales and profits dived.

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qface642968d ago

wow 73% that is allot guess the flops like bionic commando and dark void really hit em hard

well get ready to see 5 new monster hunter expansions and 4 more resident evils to make up for this

Christopher2968d ago

Capcom has a mixed bag of games. Half of them are 40-60% games and the others are 80-90% games. Problem is the majority of their 80-90% games don't sell well enough.

I personally hope they're able to come up with some new IPs rather than relying on a few old ones for the majority of their profits. Then again, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is probably one of the smartest moves they've made in a few years.