Whats next for Nintendo?

Today I noticed that Nintendo have had falling profits for 2010 and predict even less sales for next year.

The Wii 2 hasn`t been officially announced and from what I can see is not really on the radar. This is backed up by this interview in Edge.

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AnotherGamerUser2812d ago

This guy has NO idea about the game industry. Wii is number one.

eagle212812d ago

Staying number one regardless of the playa ;)

Just face it. :0

gii bro2812d ago

The Wii is done is it. Nevermind the fact that Monster Hunter 3 just came out. Yeah the Wii is done. A certain game called Mario Galaxy 2 is due out soon. Yeah the Wii is dead alright. Oh yeah whats that other game called? Other M or something comes out not long after that. The Wii is looking really sad now. And whats that one coming at the end of the year, Zelda. Thats nail in the coffin for Nintendo right there. As for the 3DS, don't even bother releasing that cause every one wanting one would be bad for business im sure. BTW I'm being sarcastic!

fantasygamer2812d ago

Still an awesome vid of Move ^-^

Seferoth752812d ago

Well Nintendo could easily start making games were you put a Wii remote on the TV and use some IR attachment on the Wii remote and they can do everything the Move can do only without having to spend 200 or so on 4 controllers to do it.

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