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Whats next for Nintendo?

Today I noticed that Nintendo have had falling profits for 2010 and predict even less sales for next year.

The Wii 2 hasn`t been officially announced and from what I can see is not really on the radar. This is backed up by this interview in Edge. (Industry, natal, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, PS3, Tag Invalid, Wii, Xbox 360)

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AnotherGamerUser  +   1538d ago
This guy has NO idea about the game industry. Wii is number one.
eagle21  +   1538d ago
Staying number one regardless of the playa haters...lol ;)

Just face it. :0
gii bro  +   1538d ago
The Wii is done is it. Nevermind the fact that Monster Hunter 3 just came out. Yeah the Wii is done. A certain game called Mario Galaxy 2 is due out soon. Yeah the Wii is dead alright. Oh yeah whats that other game called? Other M or something comes out not long after that. The Wii is looking really sad now. And whats that one coming at the end of the year, Zelda. Thats nail in the coffin for Nintendo right there. As for the 3DS, don't even bother releasing that cause every one wanting one would be bad for business im sure. BTW I'm being sarcastic!
fantasygamer  +   1538d ago
Still an awesome vid of Move ^-^
Seferoth75  +   1538d ago
Well Nintendo could easily start making games were you put a Wii remote on the TV and use some IR attachment on the Wii remote and they can do everything the Move can do only without having to spend 200 or so on 4 controllers to do it.
Subzero100x  +   1538d ago
Today I noticed that Nintendo have had falling profits for 2010
what about the falling profits for sony since 2006? From what i know Nintendo already won, and they make money still.
eagle21  +   1538d ago
Ninty made $2.4 Billion in profits last year. :)

I bet they are out on the streets begging for change. (sarcasm)
Suga Shane  +   1538d ago
Since the author says that Move has been showcased so much than Natal (and it has)I have but one question, why is it that the majority of games shown being played with Move are never behind that of the gamer. I have seen very few videos from that viewpoint and those simply showed me slight lag. This video highlights my case of not actually seeing the person playing the game. I am a PSWii60 owner so naturally Natal, if I finally see what it can do, has the best chance of becoming my HD motion selection, although my Wii fills my motion controlled needs very well.
matey  +   1538d ago
move isnt as good as wiimote that Socom vid is pants have u noticed gadget show only show party games on wii well gadget show try showing metroid prime 3 IR smacks the hell out of move for FPS,MOH H2,COD WAW,CONDUIT,all have controls on par if not better than PC mouse so stop comparing move to games on wii when wii has M+ that is far superior to move and like i said wiimote on its own is better too IR rules in FPS,PES plus wiisports 1 is fantastic with ZERO lag every move video has lag wii has true 1on1 in ZELDA Wii so lets see if move can show this i dont think so some how lag will spoil it and coloured balls at the end of ur controls no thanku the lead that links wiimote/nunchuck is better because wiimote acts as battery for everything get a Energizer charging pad for wiimote and everything is charged rather than charging every individual controller that would be a pain so NINTENDO are practical plus add-ons are easier/cheaper when u have a small wire not having to make everything blutooth ect and expensive and another device to charge ect rather than my wiimote is charged so everthing is charged ect NINTENDO are the real deal everyone else copies FACT
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ChickeyCantor  +   1537d ago
You know what, i hope Sony wins.
Let them.

Nintendo games are here to stay anyways.
And those games makes your gaming life even more complete.

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