Top Ten Things To Do In Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

NG: We've played a ton of Red Dead multiplayer. And sometimes it’s easy to forget what we mean when a game is termed to be ‘sandbox’. The name denotes a set of tools, physical rules and environmental elements which come together to form a construction kit whose developers will have already tailor-made a huge variety of game modes. But as well as the immense enjoyment to be found in that which is handed to you on a plate, a good sandbox title also allows for plenty of player-created emergent gaming.

Gathering together our experiences with Red Dead Redemption, NowGamer has come up with our top ten multiplayer pastimes in the joyous liberty offered by the game’s free mode...

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peeps2965d ago

haha good little list. really looking frwd to this game. single player looks interesting but most importantly fun, and multiplayer just looks such a good laugh.

toaster2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

For me, #1 thing to do in multiplayer is to kill the sh!t out of anything and everything that gets in the way of me and my posse.

We shall be ruthless.

ThanatosDMC2965d ago

Yeah! I'm so hunting down bears and every animal and towns people. I wonder how the police force will work out. Do we get a star system like in GTA and do we become impossible to kill because there's no tanks/military?

legendkilla2965d ago

im looking forward to this game as well!! looks fun :)

Domer252965d ago

Loving the multi, hours, no days of fun. This might be the best sixty bucks i ever spent.

Bubbles for you, we all need some-----

sgw_dec0y2965d ago

Yea the multiplayer does look like a total blast plus 60 bucks for a great singleplayer(from what I have heard) and many hours of multiplayer are worth it. I have followed this game for some time and when I saw the video about the free roam on multiplayer it totally just locked my vote down. I cant wait to pick this up when it comes out.

ThanatosDMC2965d ago

Yeah, i didnt know about this game till a bunch of people kept yapping about it while i was playing MAG.

heroicjanitor2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Looks great, especially since they announced co-op, lol I only have 3 bubbles is that the middleground now? Is 6 the max? Where's fishy so I can check:P

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The story is too old to be commented.