3-D video games the future for industry

The movie industry successfully converted to 3-D. The television industry sits on the brink, waiting for consumers to buy the hardware.

The video game industry? It's beginning to stir, and a leading professional told a roomful of game developers that video game conversion should be a slam-dunk. Unlike making a movie in 3-D, where every facet in the process must be done stereoscopically, games require a very simple process for a quality 3-D experience. In fact, with the right piece of technology, you can convert any existing 2-D game into a 3-D adventure.

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vhero2937d ago

MS doesn't seem to think so, so if 3D is the future of gaming MS is in big trouble..

sikbeta2937d ago

The Only thing that Matters is that 3D Gaming is Epic Awesome and we'll Enjoy it....

3D Gaming FTW!!!

KRONie2936d ago

i thought games were already 3D. you know, since '90s.

Gunner_Ali2936d ago

3D is an obvious next step as far in terms of home consoles and home theatre set ups go cant wait for the the next evolution in gaming as long as its reasonable in its pricing